Musically, 24/7 DIVA HEAVEN mixes the genres of Punk, Noise, Grunge into the Riot Grrrl sound of the 90’s, with a loud and clear message. Feminism, inequality, homophobia, racism, xenophobia and ecological problems are all important issues that the band incorporates into their music - but always along with a large dose of fun. These ladies manage this balancing act in an impressive and charismatic way: Serving up a serious topic with a side of laughter. Holding up a mirror and write your opinion on it but with bold lipstick. The music of 24/7 DIVAHEAVEN just might be the perfect soundtrack to these crazy times,empowering you to be wild, loud, and angry while dripping in glitter and glamour!


Like a ferry Abarra swings between the shores of apparent opposites, transporting the most beautiful of both worlds: East and West, traditional and modern, acoustic and electronic, Arabic and German. The music offers a view into previously unexplored depths and lets you experience that below the surface of the water the earth is one connected whole. Let yourself dive deeply with traditional Arabic sounds, electronic dance music, Dabke, Oud, Saz, Raq, Saxophone, Clarinet, and so many more…

Acid Amazonians

A lot has already been said about the trio. On their first album they would respond with «Smile politely when you say nasty things / and use your hands», because at the core of their art are empowerment and experiment, noise and spoken word, queer core and a lot of reverb, anger but also reconciliation. Music to meditate, agitate, demonstrate, and masturbate.


Formed in 2018 by Victor Diawara, Afrodelic presents an intriguing mix of African music and electronic rhythms. Afrodelic's debut album "Dusunkun Hakili" is a tribute to well known and respected Malian writer and poet Gaoussou Diawara. With an extense repertoire shaped by the guitar, bass, Balafone, Marimba, and Xylofone, the poetry of the Diwara family invites for a collective sound journey to the ancestral Africa, with a healing message for the future.


Three analogue Synthesizers with a sequencer, a drum-synthesizer triggert by a drum set and a cello put into a bunch of effects and filters: that is "Aggregat". The idea to perform Electro live on stage isn't new since a while, but it sounds different with every band. The three musicians are playing a set that is ruff and tender, bouncy and crackly, mostly massive and sometimes fragile. Active since 2015 in fall 2019 the debut album is being released.

Aji Sonico

Founded in 2013 Calle Mambo's music is the product of cultural syncretism, their sound the perfect representation of the fusion of traditional Latin American folklore with the current avant-garde. Their presentations bring an energy and freshness that reinvigorate the music scene. With the open veins of the Andes, the strength of the rainforest, the revolutionary rhythm of the drums ,and the freedom of the winds, Calle Mombo aims to lift everyone who hears their rhythm into a mystical psychedelic journey of energy and life.


Alex Henry Foster

Flashlights, fog, and a preacher. This guy seems to need his glasses not to look at others, but to look into himself. Introspection can be confusing or it can be empowering. So we ask ourselves: What is he doing there, or better yet, what is he not doing? This Canadian guy isn't just an impressive being on stage with deep lyrics, but also a passionate activist for human rights…The sound that he produces bursts over the borders of the stage. Dreamy is not the right term to be used here. It is a passion for music and noise that meets somewhere with the power of the heart. Witness what happens when pure musicianship and lyricism merge together as one. Preach it brother, and move us!


There are many influences to discover in the music of Algiers. The spectrum of the sound, which the band calls 'Post-Worldbeat,' ranges from noise and post-punk to trip-hop and gospel. They turn them into an incomparable experience. But the four stand for more than their music. Since it was founded in 2019, Algiers have been constantly discussing political issues and are even considered cultural critics.

Alli Neumann

Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Joy

For the explosive Ghanaian Frafra-Gospel music scene, Alogte Oho is a defining artist. Throughout his childhood the church choir, where he also learned to play the drums, was his school. He is accompanied by his fantastic choir, The Sounds of Joy, each a powerful gospel artist in their own right. In his arrangements, agile brass instruments go hand in hand with spot-on synthesizer runs, and the sophisticated rhythm section galvanizes reggae sound system circles. Music has always played a serious role in Oho's life, but even more so since he was in a serious accident. Frafra-Gospel music is the prism through which Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy choir process life.

Altin Gün

Dance pop with a hybrid drive - mediators between spaces, times and cultures. The Amsterdam band Altın Gün grabs old Turkish songs and turns them on their heads. Visually, the group plays surrounded by a set made up of carefully selected and traditionally Turkish pieces, as well as 1970s visual aesthetics. Sonically, Altin Gün relate to groove music and 70s Turkish pop. The band describes itself as a "Turkish psych-folk band from Amsterdam," but has expanded it's post-debut sound to include synthesizers, 80s disco elements and 80s reggae of the "Lovers Rock" variety. The perfect fusion of past with present into brilliantly catchy, upbeat pop music with a Woodstock flair.

Alto Fuero

ALTO FUERO free rythm'n voice Catoonesque sounds and incantatory chants with spasmodic rhythms, the duo of artists, Victoria Palacios and Loto Retina, agitate bodies and heads. Under the name of Alto Fuero, they lead you to their club with a cave-like atmosphere. On the walls frantically bounce the echoes of flutes, songs and twisted basses.


Amewu is a hip-hop artist from Berlin, also known by his stage name Halbgott (which he used primarily in earlier freestyle events.) The main characteristic of Amewu's rap style is a mixture of profound lyrics and sophisticated rap techniques, often with fast-paced lyrics. Amewu doesn't 'just' speak, but makes certain to express what's important: if you have the necessary skills, you have to use them effectively to be seen and heard.


Anika aka Annika Henderson (D/GB), born in 1987 in Woking, England, is a hybrid artist. The former journalist made a name for herself in the electronic music scene with her experimental sound collages, confrontational lyrics, and unique way of performing live. She weaves together dub, post-punk, psychedelic with hints of DnB and a strong vocal presence. Henderson works as a poet, composer, musician, DJ, photographer, radio host, and filmmaker. Her music is a diverse mix, with room for post-punk and no wave as well as dub, avant-garde electronic, and krautrock; distant and hypothermic moods as well as frail sentimentality.


Anti-Corpos is a queer feminist hardcore band. Some members are known from other bands like Eat my Fear or Nervöus. With their new guitar player Irem, Anti-Corpos claim to be "even more angry, heavy and political as fuck" - what else could they be, living through these times?

Antinational Bass Crew

A Panda do Sol

A story of love for Samba music and soulful intercultural rhythms. The Brazilian Samba and brass ensemble "A Panda do Sol" started its musical journey in 2016. It has been composing Sambas and blending them to the musical & cultural background of each musician, creating a unique language on a base of traditional Brazilian percussions and harmonics. "Panda" is a growing project which gathers today up to eight musicians from Brazil, France, Colombia, Germany & Spain, all living in Berlin. The band's first album "Fôlego" portrays the beginning of their musical path and forecasts compositions about nature, love and death, in the image of the first Sambistas of the era, joining poetry and rhythm. Their new project "Homenagem" is an homage to some of these composers, the creators of the roots of Samba music. It was released in May 2022 under the world and jazz music label "Sungroove Records".

Arat Kilo feat MAMANI KEITA feat MIKE LADD

Groove machine Arat Kilo’s ethiojazz is the meeting of Parisian musicians and the fascinating richness of Ethiopian music. Without leaving the 70's of Addis-Abeba, the combo continues its musical journey without any boarder. In "Visions of Selam", the new album of the Paris gang, Mamani Keïta, the Malian diva, joins her voice with Mike Ladd’s sharpened spoken word and the breath-taking swing of Arat Kilo.

Attack Of The Mad Axeman

Love Animals! Hate Fascism! Animal grind is an attempt at deconstructing boundaries: not only between humans and animals, but also within the animals themselves: snail on drums, a bee on bass, a growling turtle on vocals, and a squirrel and a night owl sharing the dirty work on guitars. Animals with very different backgrounds you may think, but they found a way of working together. And now they want you to join the squad - it doesn't matter whether you've two, four, six, eight or a thousand legs. Punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals: these are the weapons fighting ignorance, injustice and madness -The Mad Axeman

Auf Sendung


Ayom's self titled debut album is a swinging collection of tracks pointing at, and borrowing from, the folk music of Brazil, Angola and Cape Verde. Blending centures old tradition with the black and rhythmical language of lusophone cultures, Ayom defy the purists and provide a hot-stepping and spiritual voyage across the Atlantic.

Ay Wing

Berlin-based independent artist Ay Wing brings a combination of energetic, beat-driven music with introspective and reflective lyrics that speak on the human emotional journey. The Swiss native's femininity shines through strongly in a powerful, punchy manner. Ay Wing wants her audience to dance and her listeners entranced. Big on psychedelic, synths, bouncy guitar riffs and dirty beats, hers is accessible electronica of the classic kind, with savvy three-minute bangers enhanced by her strict attention to the most exact musical detail. Many of Ay Wing’s songs showcase a dreamy, nostalgic vibe with RnB sensibilities that will take any listener on a journey.


Active since 2001, Istanbul based Ayyuka was one of the first bands looking back at 70ʼs Turkish music to find a new voice. Not caught up in the retromania but reincarnating Turkish Psychedelic within their own sounds, the band managed to develop an unmistakeable unique sound. Inspirations of Dick Dale, John Frusciante and local heroes like Erkin Koray, Orhan Gencebay make their music more guitar oriented but their fascination with film music and improvisation brings unexpected twists within most of their songs.


Created in Brussels in 2015, Azmari is a warped musical journey which fuses together Ethiopian groove, psych-funk, dub, and eastern sounds. Azmari draws on influences including Mulatu Astatke, Cymande, the Heliocentrics, the Budos band, Fela Kuti, and John Berberian. Also heavily influenced by the Ethiopiques, ten days of performing in Istanbul opened the band's ears to the Turkish sound and rhythm characteristic of the 60s. Along with learning instruments such as the berimbau, kaval, and Saaz, the Azmari sound has transformed into a rebellious, unrelenting, and mesmerizing experience.

BaBa ZuLa

BaBa ZuLa are the unrivalled masters of 21st century Turkish psychedelic music. They go to great lengths to provide a unique live experience. By mixing oriental instruments such as the electric saz, darbuka, and spoons with electronics and modern sounds, BaBa ZuLa create a sound all their own called Istanbul psychedelia. Their music is 'Oriental Istanbul Rock'n Roll' which rolls in a uniquely futuristic way and is inspired by the sounds of the late 60’s. Their shamanic ritual-like performances are a mixture of disciplines of art, often featuring belly dancers, elaborate costumes, poetry, and live drawing. BaBa ZuLa - a tantalizing audio-visual feast.

Baby of Control

Baby of Control is a firework of emotions..a colorful bouquet of folk music..a potpourri of gutter hits..a papier-mâché dream dipped in LSD! Enchanted Eurodance anthems, helium rap and disco core! If you think you've heard it all, think again because you haven't heard Baby of Control. It hurts a little....but it will also heal your soul instantly!

Baby Of The Bunch

Baby's Berserk

Sick and tired of being in bands with unpredictable humans, Mano Hollestelle set out to create a group of high precision robots to play post-punk music with. His outdated technology of floppy disks and cassette tapes were working well to program the androids, until one day a 90s rave mixtape was mistakenly inputed. The punk bots now understood the pure love and joy associated with dance music, and were never able to be reset to factory settings again. Mano worked tirelessly with his androids, known now by their humanoid names of Lieselot Elzinga, Puggy Beales and Silia Hollestelle, to fulfill his evil plan to make the rockers dance and the dancers rock. Beware, their bass driven grooves and computerized beats have been known cast a spell upon all within earshot...

Bad Affair

Bahnhof Motte

Man - a living machine that no longer works properly. Tied to flashing devices, always seeking to fill the void inside. An insatiable need for recognition, paired with a longing for peace and solitude, fueled by the constant presence of social media. Self-marketing until the machine overheats, the person burns out and ultimately only yearns to be forgotten. Bahnhof Motte - loud, distorted guitars, synths and booming bass, fueled by an unstoppable drum kit - sewn together into a cohesive network which screams at the top of its lungs towards this world with raging emotions.


Música da Bahia, Made in Berlin. BANTUNAGOJÊJE is when Fela Kuti's afrobeat meets jazz in downtown Salvador. BNJ delivers energetic, emotional and meaningful songs from the Brazilian band leader Paulo Cedraz.



"Everything's better when it's faster": That's the motto of Tel Aviv's kaleidoscopic acid-techno post-punk rave trio BĘÃTFÓØT. Imagine The Prodigy, the Power Rangers, and the Spice Girls having a baby together, raised in the Dark Room and nurtured only on hedonism and free spirit. Whose first spoken word is neither "mom" nor "dad" but "departure". And that, because it's still a child, doesn't care much about genres or common scene codes, but creates a kind of hyper dance music between broken beats, big beat, techno and hip-hop from the golden era of the last millennium, in equal parts Soldered together from the impulse-driven intuition of free jazz, the mangy uncompromising ethos of punk and the wonderful self-indulgence of a properly smashed rave weekend. The extroverted bandleader Udi Naor is also basically on the road on behalf of the full kick drum - but what he and his collective do in terms of wonderful madness is beyond any conceivable description of the state.


Betterov is a songwriter with a very unique and consistent touch. Having grown up in the theater, he took the words learned there and has been infusing them into his own music since 2015. Betterov now performs his music in the clubs and pubs of Berlin. His are songs about life in the countryside. What it's like when all of your people move away. About a love that dies as the influence of alcohol fades And what it's like to live in a generation that has every door open to them yet is unable to take advantage because of a crippling fear which keeps them sequestered in their bedroom.

Big Mountain County

Much like their songs, the trajectory of Rome’s Big Mountain County has been one of slow-burn evolution. Formed in 2012 from the ashes of much-loved underground band The Boilers, what started out as a trio has morphed into a quartet with a loyal cult following, developing a power and grace that’s all too rare in the psych-rock scene. It’s fitting that the nine songs that make up 'Breaking Sound' were conceived during a writing retreat in a house at the base of Mount Etna, for they harness the same smoldering potential and frisson as the famous volcano. Self-styled as “wild psych rock”, theirs is a very deliberate approach; songs unfurl incessantly, driving ever forward, developing new layers as they build. Nothing seems unhinged or unplanned, and despite having a bass player called Wolfman Bob, their work carries all the hallmarks of hard graft and meticulous ears. But when they do release the handbrake and aim for the sky, the result is a glorious racket of technicolour crescendos.

Bipolar Feminin

This Viennese Indie-Punk-Rock-Pop band features Leni on the angry, shrill microphone, Jakob on the haunting, booming guitar, Samuel on the massive, crashing drums, and Max on the powerful, full bass. Their songs are overflowing with emotions: hate, anger, love. They're about experiences and impressions, about the monotonous capitalist life, and what it's like existing as a woman in the patriarchy. Bipolar Feminine is loud, impulsive and honest.


Blanco Teta

Blanco teta is an experimental rock project with the aggressiveness and simplicity of punk but with a great twist: a relentless distorted noise soundscapes, edgy performances, transfeminist concept with an avant-garde approach. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, born in 2017 with the need to find a unique sound with an atypical formation, given by the presence of the processed cello. Blanco teta is formed by Carola Zelaschi on drums, Carlos E. Quebrada on electric bass, Violeta García on cello and Josefina Barreix in voice.

Blectum from Blechdom

Kevin Blechdom + Blevin Blectum make a parlor trick of whisking listeners away on a psychedelic organic-electronic ride filled with chaotic Snauses and fractal Mallards. Kevin (Kristin Erickson) + Blevin (Bevin Kelley) are intertwined in a serious generative long-form game for the future. Their monstrous walls of well-executed sound and piles of visionary questing sonic antics first spawned within their minefieldmeld deep in the illicit sound spaces of San Francisco in its glory wormhole days circa 1998. Over the years they have accumulated a pile of treasures and trophies that now lie beneath a sleeping fiendish dragon-basilisk.

Bonaparte & Sophie Hunger

Between melancholy and freak-out, Bonaparte and Sophie Hunger play their way into the hearts of their fans with a combination of punk, lo-fi, jazz and folk. Their shows often culminate in a complete ecstasy of nudity, glitter and fake blood. Bonaparte just can't quite shed his wildly excessive side (which you'll see is a good thing;) though he has clearly matured, in his music as well as in his nature. Whirling through clubs, halls and open airs with acoustic diversity and the courage to try something new. Served with real lighter light instead of unromantic cell phone lights. A final emphasis on the new thoughtfulness that you believe in just as much as the big party.



Postpunk, Postviolence, Posthardcore

Britney's Fears

Britney is free - now the liberation of patriarchy is still missing! Grrrl-punk, pop, a kind of new wave with a clear message. Language: DE + EN Recording: No


Burnout Ostwest



CAVA like sparkling wine. Garage Rock and Punk. Mostly loud. Wild and preferably dirty, but actually very neat. Guitar riffs and shrill feedback, melodic vocals. Frequent mansplaining. Always life and death. The private is political (or something similar). Mostly serious, but with a glimmer fun in the matter. And always DIY.


While using a classic set-up of live drums, bass and rhythm guitar, masterfully layered with dub echo/delay effects, Chillera delivers a playful yet ingenious psychedelic sound, aimed to melt down your hearts and tingle your ears with Black Sea breezes. According to their visionary Kiev label Muscut, Chillera "mixes together the berries of surf rock, dub-rhythms ripened on the southern soil and greens of funky ornaments. It sounds juicy, naturalistic, relaxed and, most importantly, fresh."

Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers

Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers entangle 'mizik rasin' (Haitian roots music,) with modular synthesizers in a heated and hypnotic dialogue that holds the tension between minimalist sound design and polyrhythmic voodoo drumming. The vocals, percussion and drums of Haitian six-piece Chouk Bwa, always lead and summon the energy and caresses fed back by Belgian producers The Ångströmers' synthesizers. The collaborative project honors the spiritual and historical depths of Afro-Caribbean musical tradition by purposefully embedding it in to the here and now.

Cloud Kinski

Live dance music performed by three space aliens and their 20 backups dancers! First time ever on planet earth! Interactive performance-art dance music takeover! Cloud Kinski is from another universe. You will dance! You will freak out! Your face will melt!

Cloud Managment

Dense textures and hypnotic pulses are Cloud Management's wording. Microscopic cluster shifting with bass guitar and digital as well as modular synthesizers their grammar. Their language is based on minimalism and cosmic music, but Thomas Korf, Sebastian Kokus and Ulf Schütte – alias Cloud Management – articulate their own contemporary position within electronic dance directing and firmament spotting.

C'mon Tigre

Yes, C´mon Tigre are door openers and dance keepers. Their sound is a collection of rythms..accoustic adventures in the midst of beats from all over the world. Just flow with the explosion of tones!

Colour your Mind

Coogans Bluff

Anyone who names themselves after a Clint Eastwood film means business. The Berlin-based band COOGANS BLUFF doesn't do things by halves. COOGANS BLUFF are a melting pot of art rock, psychedelic, fusion and stoner rock that has become a band. They explore the musical nerd territory where Motorpsycho, King Crimson, Colosseum or Zappa live and try their hand at 70s hard rock and kraut rock. What reads as if their music could only be narcissistic, academically exaggerated droning is in reality something completely different: a live hum of rousing power, an intoxicating storm, large-scale cinematic sounds, constantly fueled by brass sections and jam passages. They are contemporary and retro at the same time, experimental and yet rock traditionalists, daring and fresh. Their stage is where the past meets the future. And only the music counts.


Every so often the punk scene produces a band dedicated to minimalism without being bogged down in their own thematic dogmas; instead they are lifted up by lightheartedness and fun, which is exactly what it feels like to be at a COPY show! They perform genuine and naive songs without sounding contrived, qualities enforced by uneasy repetition, coarse and excited harmonies, and three very distinct onstage personalities taking turns to be band leaders. For that reason, it's best not to debate or intellectualise if it's a post-punk or art-rock performance while viewing these girls - just join in with the fun they are having themselves, you schmuck! Stop being so serious! COPY are a breath of fresh air, universally enjoyable and an utterly irresistible live act. You’ll leave a show feeling like you had the grime cleaned from your brain and probably a couple of songs stuck in your head, thirsty for more!

Créme Solaire


CV Vision

If you would like to beam into another universe for a short while but don't have any LSD on hand, you should check out the sound of Dennis Schulze, aka CV Vision. One of his albums is called 'Tropical.' The purely instrumental pieces it holds are characterized by analog synthesizer sounds of many kinds (the man must have a rich arsenal of devices), twang guitars, a funky bass and LoFi sound - you can escape to a warmer, better place with his almost transcendent tracks.

Cyril Cyril

Cyril Cyril opens our minds. We get more and more into resonance, we become more and more entangled, everything interlocks, the sounds and their lights. We are the Kaméaméa generation and the boundaries we no longer want are broken. The music must not stop. Yallah! The psychedelic organ melody accompanies the voice rising into the higher frequencies, the percussions encouraging us. And always the surprise, bells ring in all our ears, those of our skin, our eyes and our hands, which have become our feet, we no longer know. We transform ourselves. Our pulse quickens, we get closer and we stomp, we want Mickey Mouse's head. Hints of birdsong, of a bestiary. We are animals, the animals' carnival, if they still want us. We won't let ourselves go like this, one last dance, we rush, now we know how to reverse the poles, the borders are lifted, everything circulates, the sounds, the joy of being together, Cyril Cyril carries us away. These sounds, these rhythms, remind us of something. The memories are richer than those we could have gathered in a lifetime.

Dalai Puma

Brand new, pew pew pew! Rhubarb Pop meets Barbershop Hop. A rock lobster indie wrap. Art Pop, Smart Pop, Stupid Pop. Highbrow, lowbrow, Bauhaus. Indie whatever, grrrl!

Danger Dan

Danger Dan is a German musician well known for his contributions to Hip Hop and Rap music, especially as an active member of the Antilopen Gang. Danger Dan still manages to makes himself present in the pop scene with a strong solo practice, presenting a versatile, heartwarming, and political musical performance accompanied by piano, and radical left-wing content.

Das Tonarmreich

Decolonize Your Mind Society

Inspired by non-European traditional musics, non-tempered tuning systems, psychedelic ritual performances and the legendary Jon Hassell's Fourth World music, Budapest based Decolonize Your Mind Society was founded by Nicolas Jaar’s Other People label and Opal Tapes affiliate Bálint Szabó Gosheven as a natural continuation of his creative focus and work. The band has an absolutely unique sounding thanks to the special instruments they use like the glissotar wind instrument or the refretted just intonation guitar, not to mention the retunable analog synthesizer that further expands their mind blowing musical planet. They float in a hazy no man’s land between microtonal psychedelic rock, avant-garde, jazz and experimental music.

Deli Girls

Die Verlierer

Die Wände

Vibration in the walls.. the sound slowly crawls up them.. seeps across the floor..finds its cracks..and makes even the mouse in the wall stand still. A fluttering bass and pattering guitar riffs form long structures of sound, spaces open up, crash into each other again. DIE WÄNDE bring you into a state of complete ecstasy and inner retreat, your body goes on a journey and discovers new spaces within itself. The Berlin trio have developed a very unique and concentrated sound, influenced by postpunk, Hamburg school, and Krautrock.


Crust-Punk is the name of the revolving door to the brawl where DISMALFUCKER teach you the centrifugal forces of honest beating. It bangs on the beet! Sometimes fast, sometimes sluggish, sometimes faster than you can duck, sometimes dragging - but always virtuoso with good posture! The tracks of the four longtime crust professionals are sometimes longer than 2 (two!) minutes. That means something with the speed...

Dog Dimension

Berlin-based power trio Dog Dimension have been blasting away at a mix of experimental rock, alt-metal and grunge on their classic bass-guitar-drums setup since 2019. The band has released three EPs so far, that each have their own distinct way of getting to the bottom of musical extremes. Dog Dimension always have a surprise in store.

Egg Idiot

There must be a nest aorund here somewhere. A Nest with straight guitar riffs and fast and precise Drums. In this Nest, EGG IDIOT from Leipzig is sitting and sending their Hooks through a fancy fuzz. A Bandcamp fan accurately states it: "This has Egg for days!"


EMASKÜLATÖR is a raging 3-piece hc/punk band formed in 2019, based in Ankara, Turkey. They taunt toxic masculinity, embrace body positivity, and foster a culture of consent. Through their black metal-infused harsh guitars, fast-paced, blasting drums, and screaming vocals, they are out for revenge. Their debut Kezbanın İntikamı was released by Mevzu Records in May 2020.

Esels Alptraum

Ester Poly

Ester Poly are Berther and Graf. Are four hands, four feet and four lungs. They are bass, drums and voices. Martina and Béatrice play manifestos in German, English and French. They play New Wave, Free Jazz and the antithesis of 'pomp.' Their music is without fear, full of whimsy, and, perhaps most importantly, danceable. Two political people of different generations spell out, tease out and live out what can and must be said, done and embodied. Ester Poly have been here before and have therefore gone further already — will you come, too?


Euroteuro is a collective of musicians and artists around the songwriter and performer Peter T. They usually tour together with Voodoo Jürgens or Stefanie Sargnagel. Euroteuro are known for their dadaistic approach to pop. At the beginning of 2020, i.e. “before Corona”, the collective was live on stage at the Munich Volkstheater. There the music for Stefanie Sargnagel's play “Am Wiesenrand” was composed and performed live. EUROTEURO are currently on the road as a duo with Peter T. and Katarina Maria Trenk and impress with their expressive stage presence.


Composer Theresa Zaremba and violinist Teresa Allgaier surround themselves as Fallwander with keys, strings, bows, knobs, sticks and pads. Fallwander is Ambient Chamber Pop without fixed roles. Both of their vocals are always just warm enough to keep us from shivering, always just cool enough to keep the air chillingly clear and the vision wide. Fallwander is wandering out into the silence, letting oneself fall in the stillness.



Fatigue, that's raw guitar riffs, driving drums, a growling bass, catchy choruses to sing along and edgy vocals with an empowering feminist message. Four musicians whose music moves between punk rock, garage punk and grunge. So, cold drink in hand and go!

F*cking Angry

"Bonn: Either ot rains, or the cabinets are closed!" There are obviously many reasons for being Angry in the provincial former capital of Germany, at least if you consider the benchmarks of legendary punk bands the city brought up. But, what does punk give about benchmarks? A F*uck,absolutey! Being some resident representatives, F*cking Angry tie up hysteric hardcore with some loose noisyness for abrebellious attitude, which does not miss to find some melodic or tongue-in-cheek vibes to throw up with established schemes. Throwing up? Melodic? ESTABLISHMENT? Is that still punk? F*ck it! It's still Angry! F*cking Angry!


Febueder (pronounced Fe-byou-der) is an avant-indie duo hailing from the UK, comprised of vocalists/multi-instrumentalists Kieran Godfrey and Samuel Keysell, also a percussionist. Since the band’s inception, their anomalous take on indie rock, electronica, jazz and pop, has garnered praise from publications such as NME, Colors, Complex, and many others. Additonally, their debut album ‘Tomalin Has Etched In,’ was recognisded as one of the best albums of 2020 by Earmilk.



Finisterre is a bunch of close friends who share political ideas, a love of music and beer and love to be out and about. Finisterre is a HC, crust band from Cologne/Hannover, which takes up very good, political and social issues and places them in a dark, aggressive, intense context. Finisterre perfects a hysteria of doom, a world marked by ignorance, destruction, a surveillance state, prisons, capitalism and sexual violence. Stylistically some call it Dark-Hardcore - they call it PUNK!


FO SHO is an African-Ukrainian hip-hop project created in early 2019, consisting of 3 sisters - Betty, Miriam and Siona Endale.They show their unique cultural background in their songs, style and, most importantly, in their energetic, lively performances. Their music is a symbiosis of modern genres from trap to hip-hop. They also like to quote other styles, from R’n’b to rock, which represent their history and cultural traditions, which they are very proud of.

Frente Cumbiero

With a successful career, FRENTE CUMBIERO has become one of the most interesting representatives in the exploration of cumbia’s sonic identity in Latin America. Headed by Colombian songwriter and producer Mario Galeano (also founding member of Ondatropica and Los Pirañas), Frente Cumbiero is recognized as a promising outlet of the new cumbia movement. In 2020 they released two critically acclaimed works: the EP “Minyo Cumbiero: From Tokyo to Bogota” with the Japanese band Minyo Crusaders and their second LP “Cera Perdida”.

Fulu Miziki

FULU MIZIKI roughly translates as “music from the garbage”, which in a literal sense is an accurate description of the thrillingly chaotic eco-friendly Afro-Futurist collective. The instruments they design, build and play are masterclasses in upcycling. From guembris built out of computer casing, to jerry-can drum-kits, keyboard inventions from wood, springs and aluminium pipes, and old flip-flops used as pads by plastic tube-wielding percussion players, the Democratic Republic of Congo-formed group’s ethos lies in the respect of nature, the celebration of its gifts and the importance of its preservation through environmentalism.


Released through London-based indie Everything Sucks Music, the six-song collection sees Leona, Janelle and their bandmates Leanne Zammit (bass) and Sofia Rosa Cooper (drums) contrasting searing post-punk missives with more allusive meditations cocooned in psychedelic textures.


Life is beautifully strange and Geo embraces it with dancepunk from the cracks of the earth. Their self-titled EP is a cocktail of no wave, post-punk and weird funk, which is so addictive that Bandcamp decided to list it as essential release. Geo shapes an estranging world of mutant funk that is fueled by dissociative vocals. Here the grooves dictate the songs, while wired guitars and vexing synths keep them company. A surprising crossover between bands such as The Contortions, The Fall and Liquid Liquid. Please do come and dance to it.

Geraldine Schabraque X Vander Lizm

Get Jealous

Whether you find them pop, punk, intimidating, inviting, refreshing, or way too serious, Get Jealous has converted everyone so far. Even vehement refusers from the scene who thought they didn't like punk at all. Wannabe skater Marike (she/her), drummer Marek (he/him) and front bitch Otto (they/them) are in their concise and energetic sound in the balancing act between the musical youth of punk and all Disney theme songs. The short, loud punctuations regularly lead to catchy pop melodies, while Otto's lyrics recite the shattered society and trigger inner monologues. Bizarrely poetic rabble romance on a finesse-garnished framework of dashing drums, booming bass & shouts. Live, Marike and Marek form the playful, bubbling base, which gives Otto the freedom to bark their vocals out of the surging crowd, down from the nearest bar or in a frontal barricade position with brute force. With their fusion of skate punk and pop, Get Jealous are the honest beer-/schnaps-double served on a pink glitter tray.

Ghetto Kumbe

The Afro-Colombian-Futurist Guetto Kumbe was raised on South America's Caribean coast. Their musical concept, described as a trip to the rhythmic Afro-Caribbean roots of Colombia, is also fuelled by the power of West African house beats. This rich musical heritage comes to life as pulsating electronic rituals invoking the digital spirit of rumba. Try not to dance!

Gilla Band

Gilla Band (formerly Girl Band) are an Irish post-punk and noise rock band from Dublin which formed in 2011. The line-up is comprised of childhood friends Dara Kiely (vocals) and Alan Duggan (guitar), with Daniel Fox (bass) and Adam Faulkner (drums).

Gladbeck City Bombing


Glauque are not the first band attempting to blur the frontiers between electronic music and hip-hop, and doing so with a French-speaking voice. Many contemporary artists in France and Belgium have chosen these two genres to make music and express themselves, and some of them have even had great chart success. Glauque do their own thing, though. It’s notable in their keen sense of aesthetics, in their poetic lyrics and of course in their music itself, which is dark and tender, intimate and rebellious, atmospheric and striking.


For those who are unaware, Goat are a collective of musicians who hail from a small and very remote village called Korpolombolo in deepest darkest Sweden. Legend has it that for centuries, the inhabitants of the village of Korpolombolo were dedicated to the worship and practices of Voodoo. This strange and seemingly unlikely activity was apparently introduced into the area after a travelling witch doctor and a handful of her disciples were led to Korpolombolo by following a cipher hidden within their most sacred of ancient scriptures. The reason it led them there is unknown, but their Voodoo influence quickly took hold over the whole village and so they made it their home - there, they were able to practice their craft unnoticed and unbothered for several centuries. This was until their non-Christian ways were discovered by the Church and they were burned out by the crusaders, the survivors cursing the village over their shoulders as they fled. To this day, the now picturesque village of Korpolombolo is still haunted by this Voodoo curse; the power of the curse can be felt throughout the grooves of this Goat record. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro groove through to head nodding psych, post-punk, turkish rock, kraut repetition and astral folk.

Golden Dawn Arkestra

Welcome to the golden galaxy! Crunchy synths and vibrant Disco&Soul grooves, World Beat and psych Rock summon glittering cascades of starlight, and these are transformed into straight Hooklines, transcending Echoes and catchy guitar riffs, aiming for your guts as well as your danciing feet. Do they deserve sucess? Indeed! And....Action!


"Where's the party? Here's the party! Who's the party? We're the party!" This trio from Berlin sometimes sounds funny, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes obscene, sometimes trashy and sometimes a lot like destruction. In their often brutal and provocative lyrics, the band doesn't give a fuck about social norms, the're all about being different and personal freedom. They are "like Rosenstolz on crack." With their sound, which exists somewhere between electro-pop and electro-punk, they combine absurd comedy with great feelings. Their motto: moaning, being allowed to think everything sucks and then laugh about it. And always take it easy.

Groupe RTD - The Dancing Devils of Djibouti

The Dancing Devils of Djibouti are known for crossing bridges into the impossible with their music. The big band was born in the Republic of Djibouti, located in the Horn of Africa. They have only recently managed to expand their vibrations beyond this geopolitical context. With international recognition and freedom of speech, The Dancing Devils of Djibouti reposition its birth land on the music map with a mix of traditional Tadjoura rhythms, Indian Bollywood sounds, Somali pop, and jazz, in addition to the influences of Ethiopian Danto style.


Guava with guacamole and guacayo (parrot) inspired the creation of the band's name. What comes along very smoothly with a lot of soul in the voice and soft offbeats demands more: the urge for inner and outer freedom and the preservation of nature, our basis of life. In deep longing you have an appointment with reggae beats and indie pop to celebrate on the beach and to make the water dance

Gute Katze Böse Katze

Gym Tonic

Gym Tonic are an international four-piece band and the talk of the town when it comes to hyped-up synth punk. In some parallel universe, DEVO, Half Japanese and The Residents merged into one and decided to channel their energy into songs about nuclear catastrophes, vitamin injections, car sickness and deadly events. On top of that, you toss melody lines clear out of the Twillight Zone and you have an all-around gem.


HALFSILKS is the result of bassist/ vocalist Karen Thompson (Gym Tonic, Point no Point) and drummer/ vocalist Jana Sotzko (Soft Grid, Point No Point) dragging their friend and synth player Marcia Arff into the rehearsal room to find out what their shared musical influences from 60s girl groups to post-punk could convey. They write synth-driven, angular pop songs about horses, outdated technologies and female role-models.


Hania Rani

Hania Rani is a pianist, composer and musician who was born in Gdansk, now living between Warsaw and Berlin. Hania Rani directly translates world - music - world. For her, the places, colors and moods surrounding her are the inspiration for her compositions. Everyday things that she feels are transformed into gentle sequences of notes in her head. Her music, as it flows from Hania, is the (sound) world of her impressions, in to which her listeners are invited to look around and let themselves drift.

Harry Charles

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

If the name wasn't enough to understand, Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is an Alternative/Indie musical band. Born in Finland, they also present their blissful sound experience as "Flower Garage". With influences ranging from doo-wop, garage rock, and rock'n'roll to 80's dream pop and 60's soul and girl groups, the band replaces the customary guitar with Casio keyboards and Eco-organs. Are you ready to bloom?


HC Baxxter is finest funfair-techno, dancy music with an entertaining show but at the same time a directly political message. Eurodance meets 90s Punk. The heart at the right place does he blow up narrow genre-boarders. He shows his anger and hate about the actual state of the society but also his love and affection to the people who fight by his side against that status quo. Against boarders, norms and the political right wing.

Hector Savage

Hardcore Punk, Screamo


ATTENTION EARTH! This is Henge. We come in the name of RAVE. We bring you the gift of COSMIC DROSS – A kind of music new to your world. We have news. Planet Earth is an experiment. Your species was sent codes from SPACE, to help you LOVE and DANCE. But your leaders grew scared. They hid the codes from you. Now your CONSCIOUSNESS SHRINKS and they DESTROY your world with weapons of WAR. RAVELINGS OF EARTH, REBEL!


Meet the dawn with hypnotic minimal punk! The idea machine in the panopticon of the eccentrics threatened with extinction, bubbles up on two albums now. The coordinates of the sound cosmos of the busy artists (Koch, Rabe, Busk, & Keck,) are far away from rock flow and musical slaughterhouse. Hyparschall promise a sound and journey through time, musically and atmospherically exciting fusion of minimal pop, punk, and electronics. Sometimes darkly existential and hypnotic, then driving and optimistic again. A fascinating band, whose songs are wonderfully will-o'-the-wisp and arouse longing.


IC3PEAK is a Russian Avant Gard electronic band created by Anastasia Kreslina and Nickolay Kostilev. They achieved worldwide notoriety given the political undertones in their music criticizing the Russian government, which lead to attempts of censorship of their music in 2019. Their effects in mainstream media led to an outpouring of support throughout the west, and also in Russia. The duo addresses dystopic worldwide scenarios through music, visual arts, and live performances, whilst at the same time creating an invitation for solidarity and rebellion.

Ida Nielsen and The Funkbots

The music of Ida Nielsen is best described as a mixture of old school funk & hiphop with world music pop ups, ear catching melodies and lots of bass.Nielsen and her band “the Funkbots” are delivering a high energy funk show packed with good vibes, tight grooves, and subtle references to her former employer and teacher Prince.

Ikan Hyu

IKAN HYU have been electrifying festival and club stages with their performances since 2016. With the attitude of a modern rock duo and a unique approach to making music, Hannah and Anisa manage to create the sound of an 'entire band!' Anisa with a Flying V on one side and Hannah with a half-acoustic-half-electronic drum set on the other. The bass synth in the middle is played by whoever has a free hand and completes the "octopus style". The result is the nicest elastic-plastic-space-power-gangster-future-pop you ever did hear!

Il Civetto

Irnini Mons

Irnini Mons, a volcanic structure on the Planet Venus, or a french Folk, Post-Punk, Post-Rock band? Perhaps all at the same time? That's the poetics of the french-Venusian group formed by four musicians. Join them, and you might get an impressive sound ride to a distant heavenly body, possibly taken over by a mosh pit. Are you ready for departure?


Was born from the musical dreams of Istanbul based musician/producer Tolga Boyuk, Islandman represents a fiction character, a music persona, a dreamer composing the stories of a non-existing place…Islandman performs on stage as an electro-acoustic live trio format. Their music can be described as a unique mix of mellow electronic structures & dance beats with spacey live guitars, backed up by shamanic rhythms.

JAMES BKS & The New Breed Gang

His life began in 1982 France, but underwent a drastic change when he and his family moved to the USA. There he came into contact with hip-hop as a music genre and its production techniques. First he created beats and instrumentals for the biggest names on the scene. At some point his style moved away from hip-hop and towards Afrobeat. He skilfully combines both styles of music and thus pays homage to his own cultural roots. We can look forward to a passionately sweaty live performance.

Jasmine Lajeunesse & Mellie Meteors


Inspired by 70s Glam-Rock and Post Punk, Garage and Country, powerhouse art-punk Jealous are known for their dirty sound and hectic performance. Jealous recently released their debut double EP "What's your Damage?/Lover" on the NY based label "Dedstrange"

Jembaa Groove

Jembaa Groove is a Berlin based Afro-Soul group founded in late 2020 by Yannick Nolting (bass,composer,producer)and Eric Owusu (vocals,percussion,songwriter). Speaking the same musical language, the two musical nomads quickly realised the fruitful outcome of their encounter. Digging deep into both their backgrounds and musical identities, they came up with an new and yet authentic vibe ready to be spread across the globe. After seeking for the right companions for the upcoming journey and stumbling on a few of Berlin's finest musicians, they finally formed Jembaa Groove, a 7-piece band that combines jazzy sounds from Berlin's uprising underground scene with traditional West-African sounds from Ghana and Mali, such as Highlife, Adowa and Wassoulou.

Jenny Pepps & Robkob 600e

Joanna Gemma Auguri

Auguri embraces melancholic melodies; she is a time traveller from the Weimar-era cabaret scene. Her flair for the dramatic revealed itself as a child singing in her church choir. Growing up between two countries (with Polish roots,) and cultures shaped her into the artist that she is today. Her unusual instruments and unique voice helped carve her own little niche in to the wall of the music industry. Her songs echo Jacques Brel, Scott Walker, and Nick Cave’s otherworldly atmospheres. Her live concerts, with a nod to her Catholic upbringing, incorporate ritual to establish a profound dialogue with the audience. An avant-garde balancing act between dark folk, poetry, film, and sad pop music.

Johannes Klingebiel


Kackschlacht (literally translated: poofight;) or as they say in English: WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN! How do we deal with all the shit in the world? Either you withdraw into the woods with a trailer and live comfortably as a radical neanderthal, or you snatch a stone and…The post-isopod-punkorchestra from Brunswick decided to use rumbling drums, a croaking guitar and hoarse screams as their coping mechanism. Kiss my ass, and let's go…


Known as Europe’s unstoppable force in the rock and roll circut, KADAVAR didn't hesitate when their ongoing world tour came to a grinding halt in March 2020 due to global lockdowns. Back home, they went directly into their recording studio and broadcasted a livestream concert which was viewed hundreds of thousands of times all around the globe. In the following weeks, as all their tours were indefinitely postponed, KADAVAR were left levitating in a silent and uncertain bubble. With no further touring obligations, in their homes they began sketching out the types of ideas which can only grow in this unprecedented, lack-of-pressure environment, and would eventually become „The Isolation Tapes“. We are keen to find out how the band is going to present themselves on our festival. An exciting trip is guaranteed!

Kalaha Moon


Ketekalles has been making noise from a while now. The risky compositions and their closeness in stage have permeated in different contexts, marking a seal that identifies and distinguishes them. They try, from the daily life, to talk about the situations that cross them and to contribute with their experiences, putting in value the emotions and the learnings they get. The sound fields of rumba, flamenco and even hip hop in which they move not only show the musical concerns within the group, but also the intention to break barriers and normative structures and offer a different point of views.

Kileen / Kosmofon Live Session

Live Looping and Percussion Rhythm

King Automatic

He began his musical journey in the mid-90s as a drummer for the legendary French punk band Thundercrack. At the start of the new millennium, however, King Automatic took a radical turn and introduced new dimensions to the stagnant sound of one-man bands: he began sampling and looping organ, guitar, harmonica and percussion live, creating the impression of a full orchestra . Freed from the shackles of musical tradition, he searches the globe for inspiration to finally create truly trans-global rock 'n' roll.

King Hannah

Sometimes luck does the trick. As is the case with the Liverpool band King Hannah: Guitarist Craig Whittle saw Hannah Merrick singing on stage years ago and secretly planned to start a band with her from that very moment. Then in 2017 came a very lucky coincidence: Hannah, of all people, was to orientate Craig into a new part-time job. Craig proposes that they join forces, Hannah agrees, and the rest is history. Since then the duo, which grows into a quartet live, has been delivering dark, shuffling, toe-contemplating songs somewhere between Americana, Indie and Noise, with painfully honest lyrics about toxic ex-boyfriends, long bedwetting and fake fathers. The title of their first album is also meant to be taken seriously: "I'm Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me." Yes: In being themselves, King Hannah are pretty far ahead.

King Khan & The Shrines

Your Highness is in the house,and it's time to groove! Let them come into your mind, body, and soul to heal your every pain! That's the word King Khan & the Shrines come to preach with their Hypersexual Gospel in Funkytown. This multi-instrumental Berlin-born garage rock & psychedelic Soul band that conquered the world is ready to blow your mind while the sweat guides you to the fierce "Land of the Freak"!


Kirszenbaum is an award-winning duo hailing from Kraków, combining a few unrelated musical worlds into one, dark postfolk slavic shoegaze soundscape. Drawing their inspiration from all sorts of literary figures, bands such as Junip or songwriters like Nick Cave, Kirszenbaum is on a constant trip from Tove Jansson to Friedrich Nietzsche and beyond, there and back again, in eternal return.

Kit Sebastian

Sporting a love for timeless nostalgia and seductive complexity, London-based duo Kit Sebastian (a.k.a. Kit Martin and Merve Erdem) weave a captivating tapestry of global influences. Their psychedelic panache celebrates Brazilian Tropicalia, UK Jazz, Anatolian Rock and loungy European 60s Pop. With melancholy vibrancy and a wide array of instruments – oud, tabla, darbuka, balalaika, zither, harpsichord, conga, bongo, bulbul tarang, Synth, saxophone, guitar, bass, drums and vocals – Kit Sebastian evoke a borderless planet and the seamless commune between past and present.


KOKOKO! from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, are best known for creating their own contemporary sound-aesthetic by re-wiring and up-cycling materials such as metal, cans, engine parts and plastic containers found in the streets. Playing vital dance music with fast polyrhythmns and spontaneous lo-fi electronic sounds, KOKOKO! provide the chaotic soundtrack for the capital's harsh yet abundantly creative realities. Their shows allow performance artists, musicians and dancers with the same rebellious spirit to speak out and express frustrations about present and past events that have driven what should be one of the wealthiest countries in the world into a carcass of chaos which wealthier countries continue to feed off of.


Industrial/power electronics trio formerly from Melbourne, AU with a new album out in June 2022 on dark electronics label Cold Spring.


Korto is a diesel motor launched without mercy on the highway of supersonic kraut rock married to space punk and drugged by synthetic pop. Backed by a burning bass/drum, between psychedelic steamroller and afrobeats, an acidic or graceful guitar, and some nonchalant vocals, the trio is outside of any weary labels : Korto is not heir of an era or from a movement, but rather of an image that we’ve given carte blanche. Korto is a 3-wheeled race car that combines the past to future, advocates free public transportation and doesn't order dessert at a restaurant.


KOSY - four powerful, intriguing female voices combined in songs from Lower Silesia region (Poland), where their musical paths have crossed. On a stage they sing and play along various instruments: harmonium, hurdy-gurdy, violin, shamanic and frame drum and percussion instruments. For their debut album SIEW they will play that evening, they consist of songs of war repatriates from the Second World War, in which longings are written also known to modern women. They tell stories using original arrangements stories that move, entertain and bring us closer to the place, with from which our roots grow.


Kröter are perhaps best understood live. Always improvised, the sets are based on their pool of formerly recorded pieces. Visually they are “full on". Expect self-made costumes, weird stage designs and videos. Slippery in water, on land and somewhere in the swamps between - this amphibian troupe are delightfully hard to define. indeed at times they are deliberately provocative and abstract, but If we are up to the challenge, it seems these magical creatures are inviting the listener into unexplored terrain, intangible and intensely present!

La Gallera Social Club

A trip full of fusion with Venezuelan folklore, psychedelia and electro tropical atmospheres. In the regions of the Caribbean coasts and of South American culture, here shines all the music of Latin America.

La Perla

La Perla comes from the Colombian Bogota and does away with many prejudices. For example, the fact that South American and Caribbean music always has to sound like happy folklore for hotel terraces. Or that traditional instruments like the gaita are incompatible with rapping and beatboxing. Or that women, who are always ascribed the role of background singer and rattle-shaker in South American music folklore, do not have enough strength to also play the supporting large drums that give this music its special sound. However, their reliable unique selling point is their empowerment not only for feminism, but for every kind of fringe group - a topic that is discussed much more heatedly in Colombia than here, and for good reason. With a sharp wit and slogan-like street language, these three women sing, toast and rap against machismo and misogyny - and thanks to their hit "Bruja" (in English: "witch") they also became internationally known. That one can dance fabulously to their music despite the political and social charge is another matter.



Liiek from Berlin are back with their second album. 11 new bass-driven groovy post punk hits. Think of Gang Of Four meets Q And Not U. Meets The Wire. Feat. Peeps of Pigeon, Ostseetraum, Aus etc.

Loitra Beuys

London Afrobeat Collective

LAC, the London Afrobeat Collective, is a politicised party machine whos incendiary live acts channel the spirit of the Afrobeat founder via bass-heavy rhythms guaranteed to make you move. They are keeping true to the original principles of the Afrobeat movement songs with socially conscious lyrics, set to bold brass lines and hypnotic danceable grooves.Get ready for LAC, get ready to dance!


With their curious mix of infernal free-jazz and post-rock, LOTTO are one of the most inventive groups of the Polish underground. Embracing the minimalist spirit of The Necks, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Earth and fellow countrymen Innercity Ensemble, Łukasz Rychlicki, Mike Majkowski and Paweł Szpura appear very intent on bridging music’s unexplored gaps. LOTTO shows are gripping, suspense-filled incursions, able to conjure surreal imagery within the economical set-up of upright bass, drums and guitar. Mittwoch 23h Tubebox

Lucie & The Robot

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys

The final record in Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys’ series of tapes is a love story comprised of 10 intimate songs which are beautifully poetic, sometimes compellingly carnal and always teeming with the starkest of feelings. The tapes trilogy began in 2019 with the introverted collection of lullabies, Sleeping Tapes for Some Girls, and was followed by the equally tender, but perhaps more intense, Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around.) The trilogy documents both a literal and metaphorical move away from and towards something. Teen Tapes (for performing your own stunts,) is the much needed arrival and release. The album was workshopped and recorded in Berlin with Liú Mottes, Andreas Miranda and Martin Perret and is described by Kruger as the completion of a trilogy which is “an intimate roadmap back into feeling”.

Machete en boca

Machete in the Mouth"! A band name that could not fit better to the three powerful female MCs and the DJ / producer False Idol. This formation has been part of the crème de la crème of the Spanish rap scene for several years now. They polarize the masses with their strong opinions, critical, feminist and militant lyrics, with which they not only draw attention to social and societal injustices, but also stand up for more diversity and respect. In all cases, the band name "Machete in the Mouth" is on brand for these artists: While rapper San is rather strongly influenced by reggae and dancehall, La Prima Rap features some harder, hardcore-inspired elements as well as classic flamenco and salsa sounds. DJ False Idol, on the other hand, brings electronic influences into the mix, and rapper La Charli follows more classic old school rap. All in all, an explosive and diverse mixture of combative lyrics, female empowerment, and dance, with which the rappers are causing a sensation on numerous stages and festivals both nationally and internationally

Mafia Klvb

Greetings on the run

Magik Karpet Karavan


A tambourine soars in the air and wildly iridescent harpies with it. Matilda Roth's voice casts a spell on you: aim for the top - if you want the smoke, be the fire. Sofia Ström's guitar hurls lightning bolts and the thunder rolled out by Linn Johannesson's bass and Johanna Hansson's drums confidently return to her hands. MaidaVale play stubbornly heavy psych rock, which electrifies the connections between the experienced instrumentalists and the audience, with lyrics that are by no means nostalgic, rather downright critical of the times.


Crust punx heavily inspired by the Swedish and Portland dark crust scenes of the earlier part of this century. Makes you wanna be in front of a stage, fist in the air, longing for a better future while living in a dystopian reality.

Mal Élevé

Mal Élevé takes his stage name seriously: his music is "badly brought up" - it doesn't follow the rules and proudly goes against the grain. The former lead singer of Irie Révoltés doesn't hesitate, but crashes into the barricades. His songs are a declaration of war against fascism, capitalism and sexism, and a stimultaneous call for global solidarity. For Mal Élevé, political protest and solidarity are inextricably linked. This unique sense of community can be felt at his concerts. With his mix of reggae, dancehall, ska, rap and punk, he drives the audience wild until the entire venue shakes.


When they sing "you won't love me back" the audience is inclined to shout "Lies! Me! Here!” But the synths are already building up to the next wave of neue deutsche Welle that will carry you through time. The two young musicians couldn't have experienced the rock of the 70s and 80s, so it's you who are in a different time, because it sounds that real! It's music about everyday things: love, heartbreak and driving a car.

Mark Ernestus‘ Ndagga Rhythm Force

Ndagga Rhythm Force are hands down one of the most explosive African acts which can be booked these days. They started in 2011 when Mark Ernestus (of Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound and Hard Wax fame,) travelled to Senegal in search of original Mbalax recordings. He invited over 20 percussionists - most of whom had piqued his interest via local cassettes or Youtube clips - for a spontaneous recording session in Dakar, featuring the drummers of the local Jeri-Jeri family. Mixed back in Berlin, the recordings were released on the 2012 twin albums "800% Ndagga" and "Ndagga Versions" under the "Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri" moniker - simply using the sabar drummers' clan name. Since then, the project has evolved into something new in its own right: a killer live outfit which has played clubs and major festivals all across Europe and has, in the process, outgrown initial limitations. This was reflected in the release of the critically acclaimed album "Yermande" in 2016. Singer Mbene Diatta Seck, talking drum master Modou Mbaye and dancer Fatou Wore Mboup with their stunning stage presence and energy are joined by legendary veteran characters from the Dakar scene for a night to remember.

Matibhrama, Heimya, Gnaia

Matibhrama is a duo made up of Fabien and Pierre. The musical project is born from the fusion of tribal sounds, world music and electronic production stemming from psychedelic trance. Matibhrama creates a dynamic and spellbinding musical universe comprised of psychedelic melodies, ethnic grooves and shamanic chanting. The blending of different live instruments like acoustic and electric guitar as well as more traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, the tambour and various flutes (bansuri, quena, overtone), combined with the electronic sounds of synthesizers, will transport you to the depths of their powerful musical realm. Matibhrama draws its inspiration from combined ancestral, traditional and contemporary music; seeking out new musical winds, their multicultural immersion has given light to a unique genre. Originally from France, Matibhrama is always looking for new musical breaths throughout the world. Travelling and learning from other cultures is a fundamental aspect in their artistic development. Traditional songs, ancient instruments, new technique; the duo translates its experience into music.

Matibhrama, Heimya, Gnaia

Matibhrama is a duo made up of Fabien and Pierre. The musical project is born from the fusion of tribal sounds, world music and electronic production stemming from psychedelic trance. Matibhrama creates a dynamic and spellbinding musical universe comprised of psychedelic melodies, ethnic grooves and shamanic chanting. The blending of different live instruments like acoustic and electric guitar as well as more traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, the tambour and various flutes (bansuri, quena, overtone), combined with the electronic sounds of synthesizers, will transport you to the depths of their powerful musical realm. Matibhrama draws its inspiration from combined ancestral, traditional and contemporary music; seeking out new musical winds, their multicultural immersion has given light to a unique genre.

Matibhrama, Heimya, Gnaia

Matibhrama is a duo made up of Fabien and Pierre. The musical project is born from the fusion of tribal sounds, world music and electronic production stemming from psychedelic trance. Matibhrama creates a dynamic and spellbinding musical universe comprised of psychedelic melodies, ethnic grooves and shamanic chanting. The blending of different live instruments like acoustic and electric guitar as well as more traditional instruments like the didgeridoo, the tambour and various flutes (bansuri, quena, overtone), combined with the electronic sounds of synthesizers, will transport you to the depths of their powerful musical realm. Matibhrama draws its inspiration from combined ancestral, traditional and contemporary music; seeking out new musical winds, their multicultural immersion has given light to a unique genre.


Matrone is a loud, heavy and grimed Sludge/hardcore Band, that also has a playful and melancholic side. Drum n Bass, midtemp beats, flamenco...all we like, we play. Based on Hamburg and born 2017, we did release in October 2019 our first Album, Matrone. Talking about influences: 1990er, Grunge, sludge, Riot Grrrls, D.I.Y. Punk, Hardcore...


Meloi sound crisp and smooth, like a vintage Pinball-Machine, while it seems someone spraypaint finished their guitar strings and put neon tubes into their Amps. The golden era of Hard Rock isn't just celebrated here, it it put back onto the grill until it reaches maximum crispiness. Marty, let's get the DeLorean.


MESSED UP not only has a proverbial song to tell about how dangerous it can be when you open your mouth. MESSED UP's lyrics are mainly about how a "post-Soviet society [...] favours ordinary people and how people in positions of power oppress those who choose to live differently". The Belarusian band now lives in exile in Poland not only because of their country's authoritarian government. They refuse to be a conformist part of the patriarchal and oppressive society of the former USSR. They loudly shout out what they reject and thus continue to sail against the strong winds of the reactionary zeitgeist.


MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band with members hailing from every corner of Germany. Comprised of roughly a dozen drummers and horn players each member plays the role of DJ along with their acoustic instruments. The archaic mingling of brass and drums give way to a new genre through the marriage of hypnotic driving techno with expressive brass band music. They detach electronic music from the dj desk and develop the thrust of energy on stage or directly within the crowd. Be it on the streets or in the club, with or without electricity – MEUTE is gonna make you sweat.

Miley Silence

MILEY SILENCE is a hardcore punk band from Hamburg. Dark, raw and aggressive, the bulwark piles up before a heavy "I am going insane" feeling sets in. Heavy chunks of sound are produced in an Uffta rhythm and in a loud scraping course, which are filled with destructive and nihilistic content. Uncompromisingly, they shout as if there were no tomorrow (there probably won't be, sooner or later) and the fear of chronic laryngitis is at best secondary. The sonic structures are rather simple (it's punk, not a symphony concert), but always with a lot of anger and attitude.


Mirna Bogdanovic Group

Mesmerizing Modern Jazz

Missratene Töchter


Mitsune is a Japanese folk fusion band from Berlin with members hailing from Japan, Germany, Australia & Greece. Fronted by a powerful trio of female shamisen players, they are accompanied by percussion & double bass, Mitsune is a musical and visual feast that evokes emotion, folklore imagery, driving grooves and wild fashions. They play reimagined Japanese folk songs as well as original tracks inspired by eastern blues, jazz, psychedelic and cinematic music, and seasoned with their characteristic joy and magic.

Mono Green

Moody Kablawi

Coming all the way from Haifa City, music producer Moody Kablawi is diving deep into a novel fusion of Trip Hop , Disco and Jazz.

Morena Leraba

Morgen Teuer Töten

80s synthpunk from Berlin that takes no prisoners. Simple structures, short, crisp smasher and slogan-like power machines that deal with everything you would expect from Berlin punk.

Moscow Death Brigade

MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE is a techno/rap/punk band from Russia that plays “Circle Pit Hip-Hop”: a unique and aggressive mix of electronic music, hardcore punk and rap, steeped in graffiti and street culture and flavored with a progressive social message against war, racism and other kinds of discrimination.


Newen Afrobeat

Newen Afrobeat is a musical experience which uses music as a tool for social change. Continuing with Fela Kuti's legacy, Newen integrates the cultures of Latin America and Africa. Nowadays considered one of the most popular bands in its genre, Newen Afrobeat has millions of youtube views and has performed in over 35 international festivals


Punk, Wave, Grunge / Hamburg Three tragiccomically beings and constant pain: This is new_project_666


Nihiloxica is a living project that harnesses the full force of the ancient Bugandan drumming tradition of Uganda and focusses it on the contemporary dancefloor through a dark, brooding lense of techno sensibility. Nihiloxica demonstrates a continuous, evolving conversation between two cultures; a dialogue that is drawing attention from across the globe.


NoWaves play chilled, garagey, lo-fi wave. Without much pathos, the four have created their very own sound and captivate the crowd with minimalist beats, quirky singing and a "no entertainment" attitude. In the midst of the current madness on this earth, the melodies of No Waves driven by synth sounds set our broken hearts aflutter again. Good for health - bad for education.


Oi-Punk from Hamburg


​Since 2012, O I S E A U X - T E M P Ê T E [wazo-tɑ̃.pɛːt] have been making instrumental and free-music that's heavy, provocative, and in no way intended for just a casual listen. The band, formed in Paris, is the core duo Frédéric D. Oberland & Stéphane Pigneu,l beside drummers Ben Mc Connell, Sylvain Joasson or Jean-Michel Pirès. It is this Mediterranean Sea that OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE chose to roam. Commanding more than just your ears, from guts to gray matter, OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE will hijack your insides.


The band project of the two multi-instrumentalists Anna-Lucia Rupp and Fama M'Boup creates a completely unique sound cosmos which allows influences, but never sees them as mere ingredients. But if there is one fixed point in Olicía's cosmos, then it is the handling of the voice, and by no means only through the use of loop stations and effects. There are looped scraps of voice that drive the rhythm or decorate the background and which often cannot be distinguished from mechanical instruments such as synthesizers or percussion.


Alien Catlien Laser Gazer performing a rollercoaster of ravy, glitchy tunes made on Gameboys, circuit bent toys and other devices with an added chaos of sampled mass culture, wasteland society and anti-consumerism material creating an an abstract story that is for audience to decipher.


Omni Selassi

On their way from dissociation to symbiosis and back again, Omni Selassi leaves no stone unturned. Utilising driving cosmic beats, chorus washed guitars, hooky vocals, noise and drone, this three piece group from Switzerland uses two drum sets in an effort to shake every single bone of your skeleton whilst electro-acoustic swirls massage every corner of your brain. The best of avantgardistic pop practices from the 1960s until now.

Oracle Sisters

Creators of artistic dream rock, Oracle Sisters make music that is at once sonically soothing and lyrically compelling. Intricate vocal harmonies over lilting arrangements make an otherworldly vehicle for dreamlike stories of human connection, home and heartbreak.


After the break-up of their band Soft Grid, Theresa Stroetges and Christian Hohenbild founded Painting together with Sophia Trollmann, who had previously played saxophone on one of Stroetges’s solo albums under her Golden Diskó Ship moniker. Splitting vocal duties amongst the three members with Stroetges taking the lead, each of them contributes a wide array of acoustic and electronic sounds to the band’s unique musical blend: while Trollmann focuses on saxophone and occasionally steps up to the synthesizer, Hohenbild adds electronics to the mix from behind the drum kit and Stroetges switches between electric bass, guitar and synthesizers. This unconventional set-up reflects the overall approach of a band that was formed in the midst of a pandemic and took the opportunity to radically reconsider how to present their music while live venues remained shut. Their debut album "Painting Is Dead" is part of "Painting in 3D", an interdisciplinary collaboration between the band and multi-media artist Paula Reissig.

Paulinchen Brennt

Don't Panik! Paulinchen 'burning' your ears! In your legs! In your soul! It's an experiment! Exerimental Post-Hardcore from Leipzig! Mostly minimalistic! Simple and straight! Noisy! Screamo! Roaring distorted guitars and battering Drums! And, suddenly, some sweet choirs blend in! Then, again, its burning again! Paulinchen is on fire!


Peaches is transgressive, feminist, progressive. Peaches is electronic music, hip hop, punk rock. Peaches is iconic, musician, producer, director, performance artist. Peaches challenges binary gender stereotypes, shatters patriarchal paradigms, encourages sex positivity. What else in the teaches of peaches? Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away Fuck the pain away. Fuck the pain away


Perilymph is its own bizarre and sometimes frightening universe. It is a strange and yet somehow familiar place where musical motifs grow and fade like recurring dreams that never seem to shake. Maybe they like it there... Or maybe it's just too late for them to get out again.... Their music is a psychedelic sound cinema that transports the listener from pastoral oases to gentrified cities and back to the outer limits of the cosmos where we were born. Perilymph's sole aim is to create music that sublimates the moment, sweeps the listener away, and explores dark corners of music past and present. Somewhere between kraut rock and psychedelia. This is the sound of the ever-changing world of Perilymph - a place where the record may end, but the music never stops.

Petrol Girls

Petrol Girls are more than a punkrock band. They're political, activists and live with a D.I.Y. spirit. When singer Ren rages against patriarchy, racism and capitalism in her enthusiastic style, there is no standing still. Influenced by Riot Grrrl, the band transports the feminist uprising into the present complete with an intersectional understanding. This is also reflected in their music which is complex, includes calmer parts and could be described as post hardcore. Petrol Girls' album "Baby" was just realeased and we are so excited to get a live taste of what they have been cooking!


Pietra Tonale Orchestra, Salgari Rec., Andi Otto, M.Rux & guests

What would a combination of the following performances sound like? 1. Pietra Tonale Orchestra of Italy improvising around their own pieces with a variable line-up of 20 musicians playing all kinds of jazzy instruments, 2. A composer and DJ (Andi Otto, Hamburg, Germany) modulating the sounds of his prepared cello using gestures, 3. Salgari Records (an italian label,) releasing mind opening post-global tunes and mixing them with rare finds in a DJ set, 4. A skillful remixer and multi-instrumentalist (M. Rux, Berlin, Germany) playing modern day Exotica with vintage electronic instruments from Eastern Germany, and 5. Undisclosed guests doing undisclosed things? Well, we have absolutely no idea, of course. But it'll surely be worth a listen.


Plattenbau leads you into the depths of your soul. Ethereal dreampunk, sprinkled with with robotic darkwave, overlaid with well-curated noise all create a space which illuminates the excesses of humanity. Well sorted into chapters, Plattenbau deals thematically with: Fantasy and destruction, murder and the afterlife, love and death, oppression and hope, the mundane and the divine. Plattenbau was created in 2011 in the dark basement of the former Stasi headquarters in East Berlin. Originally a recording-only project, they jammed for hours over slow-grinding deathrock and listened to the tapes on cold, dark nights talking about alternate realities, corporate ghost stories, and the death of ideology.


Point No Point

Point No Point is the solo project of Berlin-based musician Jana Sotzko. Live it becomes a full band, with Karen Thompson, Mats Folkesson, Rachel Glassberg and Michael Buter joining in. While the debut album “Drift” (2019) sounded like an introverted inventory of a state of ambiguity and aimlessness, the new record "Bad Vibes In Mushroom Forest" takes clearer directions: it moves into the forest, under the microscope, on the deck of the research ship. While a bit of melancholy and doubt remain anyway, curiosity and a joy in the fantastic prevail and translate into jazz-influenced experimental pop songs as a form of confused energy.


Somewhere between punk and fucked up garage POKY pours out this juicy raw sound. Melodies that grab your guts at once and never let them go again.


Here is an artist often heralded as THE new diva of Kuduro. No surprise there, as Pongo always made it her job to constantly freshen up and enrich the genre’s heritage and liven up her own style with sounds from all over the world. Born in Angola in 1992, the passionate dancer grew up with a wealth of music and rhythms. Traditional Angolan songs, Caribbean Zouk, Brazilian beats…all provided the soundtrack to her music-filled youth. Already in her teens, Pongo shook up the Lisbon kuduro scene, and now Pongo is here to make a splash in our small fusionworld with her uniquely addictive party and club music. Bring it on!

Ponys Auf Pump


Postman, given name Kostiantyn Pochtar, is a Ukrainian musician, multi instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter who splits his life between Kyiv and Wroclaw. Postman represents the new wave of Ukrainian music that emerged after the 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity. Although his main influences come from the 60's, his music is modern city folk at its finest. While the acoustic guitar serves as his main instrument for live performances, his studio albums are often ornamented with rich arrangements that season his music with folk-rock, psychedelic rock and baroque-pop elements.

Public Display of Affection

For the voyeur in all of us, P.D.O.A. (Public Display of Affection) have arrived. Conceived as a mixed media art project by Jesper Munk and performer Madeleine Rose (of dance theatre collective Das Gegenteil), the pair soon expanded to include Welsh film maker/punk prophet Lewis Lloyd (Plattenbau) and ‘real life’ Berliner Anton Remy (Baketown). Playing their part in keeping Germany’s capital weird, P.D.O.A.’s live shows hark back to the fearless eccentricity explored by the West Berlin performance art and music collectives of the 1980’s. Similarly determined in their indefinability the group entices their ogling audiences with a novel brew of punk wonk, dramatic duets and kinky jazz.

Puddles Rising ft The Creatures From The Deep

Puppe'n Mucke

Puppe'n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician Raving Mad Carlos and visual artist SHOXXX. They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX. They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters.


What do you get when you mix a pinch of surrealism, a bit of modern folklore, a heaping scoop of talharpa revival, and blend it all together through effect blocks and loopers? The answer is the neo-zombie-post-folk and Estonian duo Puuluup! Ramo Teder (aka Pastacas) and Marko Veisson have virtually resurrected the ancient talharpa (bowed and plucked lyre,) which was popular in Northern Europe in the early middle ages and played on Western Estonian islands until the beginning of 20th century. But this is not an ethnomusicological romp. Puuluup directs the vibrations of the talharpa’s horsehair strings through effects, using alternative bowing and rhythm techniques. The mellow sighs of talharpa pair well with the electronically amplified echoes, knocks, creaks and crackles, while still preserving the instrument’s natural sound. Everything is presented with a unique sense of humor and originality: They play with notes as they play with words, sometimes even creating their own musical language.


PVA! It's a disco-punk gig! Join the London trio for a sexy-sweaty late 70's "no-wave" inspired dancefloor! Arpeggiators, catchphrases, and neon lights. If you are lucky, you might get some "Divine Intervention"!


London based twee-punks Qlowski released their first album in June 2021. They created a striking, full blown manifesto, where their early post-punk nuances are heightened by an extremely poetic and compelling vision that encapsulates words, imagery and noise. Propulsive rhythms, a modern spin on kiwi-pop and a weird combination of dark punk, noise rock and flower pop are still the foundation of their sound but it’s the combination of bandleaders Mickey and Cecilia’s voices that creates an eerie effortless sense of familiarity. Qlowski are Michele Tellarini (IT, vocals, guitars), Cecilia Corapi (IT, vocals, keyboard), Lucy Harriet grace Ludlow (UK, bass, cello), Christian Billard (US, drums & percussions).

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

How does one begin to describe the indescribable? Let me try. In the beginning, there was an organ! Mix that with a hint of psy-garage-eighties-weird-punk-past-future-mardi gras-sixties-thrill-sex-rock ‘n blues-noise and you get Quintron and Miss Pussycat. You will experience drums, an electric guitar, a distorted Hammond-B3, maracas, as well as several homemade instruments. Think „Teenagers don’t know shit“ then „You are weird“, and Welcome to the puppet show!


They rose from the Tel Aviv underground scene back in 2012, moved to Berlin in 2019, and immediately started taking over Europe as a musical duo. But Rimoch and Jeki are much more than a musical duo; RimoJeki is an awesomely entertaining and innovative psychedelic experience that incorporates visionary music, ground-breaking video art and out-of-this-world outfits. ​Their music is a brilliant mix of heavy danceable beats, piercing catchy bass lines, stoner guitar riffs, wave synth noise, spaced-out Theremin, and vocals that swing between post-punk and heavenly ethereal melodies. Rimojeki’s performance is a wild live tapestry of aliens, colors, psychedelia, mythologies, science, future, love and darkness, with an underline of wicked humor.

Rocket Men

Six young men from Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin set out to show what our world sounds like: intergalactic jazz, dub and drum'n'bass in the here and now. Unemotional and purposeful, they shoot their rocket into space with the very first chord. Arriving beyond the stratosphere, they turn around and look towards earth: with their musical expedition, the astronauts create a very personal and distorted picture of their impressions of this world - before landing back on earth and beginning the countdown to the next intergalactic trip.

Rolf Blumig

Rolf Blumig (24,) lives in Leipzig and loves music as much as he despises capitalism. He still takes part in the game because of the practical distribution channels. Musically, Rolfie (as he is affectionately known to friends and fans,) floats between the genres of rock and pop. Appreciating Fleetwood Mac just as much as tick rap and sticking to the timeless sound of the electric guitar, which has been declared dead a million times over. Together with his extremely heavy-duty rhythm section, he runs a mobile live business that moves into the limelight either as "Rolf Blumig Band" or "Zirkus Blumig".

Rong Kong Koma

Tantra-Punk. Pop-Colerè. Does it sound like a paradox? Not for the Berlin-based band Rong Kong Koma. In a symbiosis of pop and punk, RKK invites you to be playful and hard at the same time! To the sound of squeaky guitars, scratchy vocals, banging drums, and hopping bass lines, you are encouraged to dance and cry, drink and sleep, or just go crazy! In complicated times such as ours, nothing is more refreshing than a concert full of multilayered tenderness and wildness.

Rosa Blaulicht

Rosa Mimosa y sus Mariposas

Rosa mimosa y sus Mariposas is the result of a cultural exchange between several musicians of various countries and nationalities which occurred in Lisbon. The desire to play Cumbia and Latin American rhythms and sounds was the unifying purpose of this eleven-piece orchestra. Salsa, Merengue, Afrobeat and Dub rhythms were also influencial to their music. The group uses a combination of clarinets, saxophones, accordion, bass and electric guitars, congas, drums, and human voices to express a wide array of cultural diversity which represents the style of Rosa Mimosa y sus Mariposa.

Roter Hering

On February 15, 2014, seven people met in Rostock to talk about the idea of ​​founding a workers' song choir. A week later, on February 23. the first rehearsal will take place in 2014. The song “Die Internationale” was sung. They all position themselves as people who think and act on the left. One can play the guitar and is a musician in a ska band, another has sung in a hardcore band, two of the members come from the organized workers' youth movement. They themselves say: “Since the 19th century, characteristic songs have been sung as part of labor movement actions. Singing these songs is an expression of discrimination and oppression of wage earners on the one hand, but also of their resistance and certainty about the future on the other. The songs often have a positive reference to cross-border solidarity and the pursuit of peace between peoples. Many are translations from other languages, such as "Die Internationale" or "Bella Ciao". Singing the songs of the German workers' movement has been forbidden and suppressed for long stretches of German history. "


Saint Michael


Bored of the Boundaries of western pop music, Swiss Psychedelic-World-Rock-Band Saitün is exploring the wide possibilities of middle eastern music on their debut album Al'Azif. Like the sound of a swarm of locusts buzzing above the desert. That diversity of genres and cultural identities is woven into a playful but urgent firework. Saitün aims to seduce the listener into a bumpy adventure with an uncertain and surprising ending.



Sandaru Sathsara

Sandaru Sathsara is a Sri Lankan singer / songwriter who's well known for his viral YouTube cover hit of bon jovi's classic "Its My Life". a University student of Ethnomusicology Sandaru has always been passionate about music and arts. He aims to bring his unique music style across the world and spread awareness, representing his motherland.

Santiago Analytica

After more than two years of deep analysis, Chilean collective Santiago Analytica returns to eurasian soil for an exclusive concert to soothe their audience with music by Hanns Eisler, Tulio Enrique León and original compositions. Their poetic style has sometimes been described as Ambiental Kitsch or Andean Underground, but whatever it may be: it definitely comes with a good portion of vocoder.


Santrofi is a young all-star band from Ghana overflowing with gifted musicians. They have played with the kings of Highlife such as Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Osibisa, George Darko but also the young stars of today like Sarkodie and 2 Face Idibia. They have learned from the masters and are now ready to take Highlife into the future. Their mission is to bring Highlife back, not only to the world but also to Ghana, where the younger generation has all but forgotten about this incredible music. Santrofi’s influences range from the riveting fast-paced pulse of 70s dance-guitar Highlife, to the other-worldly sound of Highlife funk to the polyrhythmic beats and melodies that took Afrobeat across the globe.

Sara Hebe

La Hija del loco! Sara Hebe is an Argentinian musician, well known and highly respected in the Latin American queer feminist scene. Her music is a mix of HipHop, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Punk Rock, and Electro, sustained by a strong voice proclaiming poetry as a political manifesto. Raise your fists, and shake your hips!


Schroety Schamone

Shaolin X Tracy

In Shaolin X Tracy, the experienced funk 'n' soul combo Shaolin Temple Defenders and the young up-and-coming French rap artist Tracy de Sá meet in a multi-faceted tournament of genres, judged by DJ NEJO. Like a good competition between friends, there are many winners here: Funkkapelle delivers the delightfully wide timbre and liveliness of a live band, Tracy's massive hooks ground the whole thing with the heaviness of contemporary bass music, and DJ NEJO's cuts bring the collaborative promo single 'Rickshaw ' the Far Eastern Finishing Move! "Absorb what is useful. Reject what is useless. Add what is essentially your own." (Bruce Lee)

Shey Rah

Shey Rah is a vocalist, songwriter and electronic music artist of Iranian heritage, born and raised in Germany. After singing in various jazz formations and spending the last 6 years in Amsterdam with the study of jazz vocals and live electronics, she is now returning back to the stage with her solo debut and a laptop full of recipes and flavors to take the audience into her very personal and immersive sound world. As a multifaceted, independent live performer, Shey Rah not only entices with her soulful and dreamy voice, but also incorporates a versatile use of electronics and interactive effects, allowing the listener to dive deep into her imagination and eclectic taste for sound, rhythm and atmosphere. Inspired by diverse music styles, such as R&B, soul, jazz, trip hop, eastern traditional music and folklore, as well as dub, jungle, and UK bass, her songs are a unique mix between human and electronica, dark and bright, melancholia and bliss. A contemplation on love, vulnerability, empowerment, spiritual connection, and a sense of nostalgia driven by her longing for roots.


Shht (Ghent, Belgium) are Space Rock for the now generation. Seeking to expose a sublime truth in all things kitsch and quirky, the combined force of what constitutes Shht results in an enticingly wet post-pop dream. A modern digital bricolage of ideas delivered by a band with chemical minds and a singer hanging from the roof mentally and physically. Shht are deconstructing deconstruction.

Shirley Holmes

Two singers on guitar and bass along with a guy on drums who can't do it slowly. They ignite until theroof is on fire! No nonsense, no fear of contact - just 100% pure energy. Made in Berlin. Punk + Indie + Electro + Bangs + Melodies + Snot!


Born from a collective of avant-gardists who decided to ditch being farmers and focus on art, Shortparis poses itself as opposition to the modern musical scene. Their music combines irrational, spastic dance grooves with theatrical performances and exalted vocals in Russian, French and English. Live performances of the band are beyond the scope of the musical concerts, they look more like performative practices of contemporary art. Impugning the system of the club concerts, Shortparis actively performs at unprepared venues like abandoned industrial buildings, open grocery stores and others.


The band as a family, the family as a band: With their current, third album "Kino Kosmos", the concept of "band" has dissolved more than ever for the Berlin-based SIND and at the same time has grown together again: "The basic idea was: we make music so that we can all go to the festival for free and have fun together," says Hannes Husten - and whoever wanted to join in made the sound, helped out as a driver or technician, or took care of the light. But somehow it didn't stay that way: the single "Deine Magic" from the previous album "Maybe it's different than you think" gradually developed into a kind of secret capital city indie anthem; another song with unexpectedly far-reaching enthusiasm followed with "Alpina Weiss". The band changed, contemplated new aesthetics and immovable attitudes, adopted new forms and line-ups. And today? Today, Hannes as guitarist, lyricist and lead singer, Ludwig Noack on drums and Matthias Völzke on bass as the core of this family collective continue with SIND, almost always accompanied and expanded by changing friends who sometimes come along for a few live performances, then for a full organ in studio recordings, or even just to let their lyrical self work on the lyrics. Her new album "Kino Kosmos" was created with this in mind: it's about friendships, family, the people around us, but also about places that disappear and circumstances that change irrevocably.

Snapped Ankles

They came from the trees. Now settled in fertile east London, Snapped Ankles maintain the feral energy of the forest. Fight or flight. Primal motorik rhythms, the rush of white noise and post-punk angles; an aural onslaught played out on homemade log synths, electrified guitars and sticks beating hell on taut animal skin. Snapped Ankles have flourished in the sub-tropical climes of warehouse and squat parties, moving onto performance art collaborations with filmmakers and shows in unlikely locations such as barber shops, games arcades and the forests they once called home.


Although band comparisons stink like 3 day old festival socks - let's spit it out, then we can get over it faster: If you still miss ANTITAINMENT, you don't know SNARG yet. SNARG make pretty wacky, really excellent and highly varied electro-punk madness. German lyrics, wild confusion, stable posture, many instruments (some of which are exchanghed during the concert,) as well as partly polyphonic (!) singing. The only ones completely unmoved by this music absolutely must be dead inside!

Son Rompe Pera

Born and raised in the deep outskirts of Mexico City, the Gama brothers are keeping alive the rich legacy of marimba music running through their family with their latest project, Son Rompe Pera. While firmly rooted in the tradition of this historic instrument, their fresh take on the folk icon challenges its limits as never before, moving it into the garage/punk world of urban misfits and firmly planting it in the 21st century.


Sophistication. is a one-woman band guided by Kyiv-based musician Sofia Shvager who combines an acoustic guitar with a piercing voice, which make for quite the minimalistic, calm and chill sound. She enriches her rather folksy sound to create a slow city-meditation through her stories, a bit dark, a bit melancholy, but still quiet and warm.


Steppenkind is building a bridge between nightclubbing and live concerts, merging a variety of genres with synthesizers, drums, and distinctive spoken word by the immersive stage presence of Brendan Cleary. Live drums, sequencers and arpeggiators are handled by the amazing chemistry of Hotte Schulz and Can Winter.

Sub Pressure Band feat. Longfingah & Baptiste

Longfingah is considered one of the most talented reggae artists from Germany and has been convincing for years with his energetic and authentic raggamuffin style. In recent years he has also scored internationally and played numerous shows in Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, India, UK and Europe. Longfingah can now be seen on stage with his brand new live dub band Sub Pressure Band. The band consists of four musicians who should be no strangers to reggae and dubheads; they previously played with Wood In Di Fire, GuerrillJah, Dub Engineers, Brass, Wood & Wires and Jahcoustix, among others.


Punk combined with garage and heavy guitars. The prince of darkness would appreciate.

Sylvie Kreusch

“Certain incidents, characters and timelines may have been changed for dramatic purposes” is the most common disclaimer for fictionalised entertainment based on truthful events. Whether Sylvie Kreusch’s upcoming album Montbray upholds a similar logic is for the listeners to discover on their own. One thing’s for certain however: Kreusch isn’t shy about sending the emotional pyrokinetics sky high, exhuming all the forbidden passages of heartbreak with coy curiosity. Truth be told, love doesn’t have to mean a life lived covertly in the shadows. It exists right within Sylvie Kreusch’s most natural, most cherished habitat: way up high, under the brightest of lights.

Takeshi's Cashew

Takeshi's Cashew combine vintage synthesizers, flutes, twangy surf guitars, space echo & electronic downtempo beats, exploring the boundaries of club culture, world music & 70's psychedelia. All coming from different musical directions, they create a colorful fusion of their respective genres embedded in a club-like beat framework and elevate their often complex arrangements to a beautiful & danceable potpourri. During summer 2020 Takeshi's Cashew recorded their debut album "Humans In A Pool" in their tiny DIY studio in Vienna. This self produced record will take you on a journey into cosmic krautrock, cumbia, afrobeat & disco, which can only be surpassed by one of their live performances.

Taxi Kebab

At the crossroads of influences coming from all sides, Taxi Kebab is the collision between synthesizers, drum machines, modulated guitars and amplified buzuq. In a re-appropriation of her father’s language, it’s through a liberating poetic register that Leïla Jiqqir (buzuq, guitar, voice) interferes with the acid arpeggios and rippling layers led by Romain Henry’s experiments with machines. Mainly electronic, the music of the french-moroccan duo is sometimes close to krautrock, psyche, or techno influences, haunted by the specter of North African roots. Revealing some disordered identities fragments, their music is a night ride, through roads and landscapes into a rough, psyche sound, disoriented and « disoriental ».

Team Scheisse

Memepunk from Bremen. Humorous but smart.


The Cosmic Progress Orchestra

The Lips

The Magic Touch

THE MAGIC TOUCH is a reggae, ska and rocksteady band from Germany (Berlin/Leipzig). The 5 musicians play the roots of reggae in a authentic way. Beside their own material The Magic Touch share the stage as a backingband with jamaican and british old-school legends like Mr. Symarip, The Tennors, Stranger Cole, Bitty McLean, Christopher Ellis, Dawn Penn, Pat Kelly or Susan Cadogan.

The OhOhOhs

THE OHOHOHS feat. Maja Bader & OMNIAstrings

The Omniversal Earkestra

Founded in 2011, the Omniversal Earkestra has played every Monday since its inception with a few exceptions his hometown of Berlin. The somewhat different big band has been constantly traveling ever since. It all began in the "Soul Cat" in Kreuzberg, it continued in the theater chapel in Friedrichshain, then in the cult site in Keller Neukölln via the Ballhaus Berlin in Mitte, to name just a few, now back to Kreuzberg, to go there every Monday in the sister Martha, formerly the Rauchhaus reside. Over time the group has played with a number of international musicians and constantly expanding their repertoire. Among them Amanar de Kidal from Mali: That was an unforgettable experience. 170 guests danced to a relatively spontaneous cooperation between a Tuareg band from Mali and a German big band. The idea was born that same evening: Earkestra had to travel to places where such music existed. Two years passed. In 2018 the time had come. With the help of the TURN Foundation, the project and the documentary "Le Mali 70 Earkestra" could be realized.

The Stancats

North Italian Jazz Groupe mixed with the Berlin Jazz Scene. Modern Jazz mix with traditional Elements.

The Urban Voodoo Machine

In a nutshell: the TIGER LILLIES meet WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY, occasionally with a dash of JOE STRUMMER, other times a sprinkling of TOM WAITS. and somehow RANCID are rehearsing in the neighboring room.

The Zenmenn

Not much is known about The Zenmenn. Their debut album »Enter The Zenmenn« – does that still count as a Metallica reference? – demonstratively spreads out the yoga mat. Sounds of (Southeast) Asian origin mix with thick wafting New Age fog that wafts into the auditory canal from a sea of ​​incense sticks. This happens in a relaxed jam atmosphere. The Zenmenn drift off the straight path, but usually find their way to their destination in expansive wavy lines. The Zenmenn keep their music mostly instrumental. Finally, maximum wanderlust can also be generated by the good old Steel Pan. Or with gentle bongo nudges. Spirituality meets musical extravagance, procrastination triumphs over workaholism.


Hardcore-Punk from Hamburg, Germany

Tom Gatza

Wide landscapes open up in the music of the Hamburg multi-instrumentalist Tom Gatza: piano sounds and electrifying drums combine to form a hypnotic flow of sounds between neo-classical, electro and post-rock. Gatza has already composed incidental music for theaters such as Hamburg's Thalia Theater and Kampnagel. Tom Gatza will be playing an exclusive solo concert at the Fusion with pieces from his current album "Re".

Trak Trak

Longtime friends or one could say "la Familia", TRAK TRAK formed out of a desire to bring the wild and exotic South American sound of cumbia to the western European dancefloors, a wish fueled by debuting lead-singer Romina Schenone who originates from Buenos Aires. A DJ of the genre she loves and collects obsessively, she gave the German based band an addictive taste of the cumbia cosmos. Fused with sounds of psychedelia, dub, soul, funk, desert rock and reggaeton with a delicious squirt of tropical retro sauce, the German based band originating from 4 countries gives in to the temptation of the cumbia spell and cartwheels in and out of percussive trips to a Latin-western-afro-euro neverland. Songs about strength, diversity and gender equality, crush stalking, or even just a fuzzy phone call, hypnotic enough to make your body move uncontrollably while simultaneously losing your resting bitch face.


TRIXSI are difficult to put into words, but otherwise easy to grasp. Many are currently talking about a new "supergroup" of the German underground, where well-known and very hardened members of bands like Love A, Findus and Herrenmagazin do everything that is impossible in their main bands. A little ingenuity, a keen eye for what has already been accomplished, and a sense for quality with a high degree of creativity. Tires are flattened here instead of trying to reinvent wheels. No one is afraid or stressed here anymore. But full of lust. Joy drips from every pore and drops onto the floor, while the band members shake their heads in sync: about the state of this world, human interaction in general and the music industry in particular. The band from Hamburg plays with the functional, trained moments of their previous musical life. They themselves think of melodic college rock as well as honest worker rock, while there are still some punk rock posters hanging on the wall in the rehearsal room. Anything that pleases is allowed. And here they like each other. No tricks, just Trixsi!


If you haven´t heard of the band Turbostaat yet, we are more than happy to introduce them to you! These five Punk-Rockers from northern Germany have been electrifying fans old and young since 1999. From the time of their formation, they have stayed true to their style: sometimes cool, other times critical lyrics, resourceful use of new effects but always loud and always punk rock. Some moments are more indiepop, then back again to the original punk, but always Turbostaat! For them, everyone is welcome to dance, pogo or sing along!


Ü! are Cosmo Was and Samoln Bardsley. They have released two singles on Valley Sound Records. Pop music shredded, salted and squashed into an acid ferment bubbling at the brim.

Voodoo Jürgens

...too Austrian, too grumbling, too demanding.. OH NO!!! Voodoo Jürgens is just right and exactly what was needed! With the charisma of a slacker that almost failed, the singer-songwriter Voodoo Jürgens and Ansa Panier, the best band anywhere in the Alps, present great hits with a fine humor. It's been a long time since anyone has sung so beautifully about criminals, drunks, and the dead.


Warm Graves

Dystopia meets surrealism. Clubbing at Twin Peaks' Outer Rim. Warm Graves is a Leipzig based project founded by Jonas Wehner in 2012. While the debut album was located in atmospheric and dreamlike soundscapes shaped by epic choral singing, "Ease" comes with harder, electronic pieces that combine an experimental claim with influences of dark ambient drone, undercooled coldwave and cosmic synthesizer music. The transitions on the new album are more abrupt than before and symbolize the difficult personal and social upheavals of the time in which it was made. The choir is no more. It is replaced by Wehner's singing, which takes on a more central, hypnotic role. The soundscapes of the first album give way to a gloomy atmosphere in which the melody is carried by a single voice. A voice that no longer has a collective sound, but embodies isolation and intimacy. Ease proves his musical flair for contrasts, for the interplay between light and dark sounds. One might ask whether the ears adapt to the changing light conditions as quickly as the eyes. The songs are at once introspective and universal, but also anchored in a specific place and time.

Warsaw Village Band

The Warsaw Village Band was founded in 1997 as a response against the narrow-mindedness of the music scene which they believed was leading to the destruction of human dignity. That is why they turned to their roots in search for musical inspiration by “exploring the folklore and archaic sounds of their ancestors and instincts” (The Kennedy Center, US). TWVB is a symbol of young, intelligent Eastern European music which combines tradition with modern elements and is capable of eliciting enthusiastic responses from rock audiences and traditionalists alike.

Wayne Snow

we don't suck, we blow!


Wendt Band Zu Dritt

Contemporary Jazz! Two Trombones and a Double Bass feel Chamber Jazz!

Wick Bambix

Wick Bambix toured the whole world as singer/guitarist of Dutch punkband Bambix and will now be playing a rare solo acoustic set. Melodic punk songs sung with a raspy, expressive voice. Back to the essentials yet always ending with fists in the air. Always fighting the system and kicking ass just the same. Obviously with the best Bambix songs, new songs, and definitely no wallpaper. Woohoo!


Stop And Go Grassroots Beat Down Grindcore from Rostock. Riffsriffsriffsblastbeatriffbreakdownriffsblastbeattheend since 1995. Wojczech play the creaking of mountains grinded by glaciers – at five hundred thousandfold speed and to the strains of creatures shrieking from fright and rage because of the approaching snowslide. More contemplative passages of their songs are reminiscent of the most extreme Crustcore. Anti bullshit. Pro Grind.


Perhaps this is where the people dance most beautifully: Ska! Defined offbeats pull your knees up with brass instruments, percussion and keys. Good this way! WonderSka sends a reproach to Speculators and the ignorance of the world into the microphone. The dance staff will receive it and trample on it. In recognition of their Ska classics, Ska transformed pop songs and their own repertoire, the Fusion Festival is thankful to save the fog fluid because of a dust cloud that has danced up.

Yin Yin

Yin Yin paint a groove manifesto on stage. For dreamers who want to dance wildly and for a richness of sound against the daily boredom of life. Dancing to expand consciousness! Funk and disco beats, otherworldly synths and retro electronic vibes melded with shimmering guitars and driving percussion to create an energetic gradient. The instruments speak the lyrics - an energy ball without a dry mouth.