Newsletter Juni 2023

Dear Fusionists,

This newsletter goes out to everyone who applied for a Fusion ticket this year. Knowing that more than half of you were not lucky in the lottery, we still write to all of you. Because even you who are not there this year, we will celebrate with you at least in spirit!

A few ticket options are still open and here is important information for those who unfortunately do not have a ticket.

With us, the tension is increasing towards the maximum and we are working hard to get everything started so that in one week we can celebrate our annual general assembly of everyday repression with 70,000 of you.

Before you set off, there are a few short reports in preparation for the collective state of emergency.


The information about the festival is online on our website. Please click through there. After that, most questions should be answered. There is a separate area on the site for the topic of arrival and departure.

Ticket exchange

Since the beginning of May, fusion tickets can no longer be canceled. However, anyone who wants to get rid of their ticket can offer it for resale via our ticket exchange. Over 5,000 tickets have already been traded on the ticket exchange and the exchange is open until June 30th.

So if you still don't have a Fusion ticket, you should register with the ticket exchange and look for last-minute ticket luck there.

Please do not fall for tricksters and rip-offs who offer you tickets online. All tickets are personalized and are compared with the IDs at the entrance. It is therefore impossible to get a ticket with which you can get through the check-in via third parties. Surely some try all possibilities to get a ticket.

But we would like to spare you the disappointment of being told "not valid" at the entrance.

Fake festival ribbons

We have heard several times that Fusion festival ribbons are being sold online and in Berlin clubs. This is clearly a scam and rip-off, even if it gives the impression that buying a fake wristband will easily open the way to paradise.

In view of this information, we felt compelled to take an additional security measure that makes access with a festival wristband alone impossible. Please don't let yourself be ripped off by such offers and don't throw your money down the throats of rip-offs!

Try your luck at the ticket exchange, where tix are still legally traded until the festival and the more tix are offered at short notice.

If you don't end up getting a Fusion ticket this year, buy a ticket from another cool festival that is not sold out yet. Various small and beautiful festivals still have tickets left and have to sell them if they want to survive. And there are a few Fusion Sunday tickets too.

We will send everyone who arrives without a valid ticket or with the wrong wristband back home without discussion.

Our tickets are already checked when boarding the Bassliner and shuttle buses from Neustrelitz. No ticket - no entry!

No profit for free riders

If you are angry about the capitalistic gamblers, you can tell them what you think. We count on you to intervene, to speak your mind and simply not to play the game.

Don't fall for dubious offers! The only way to get a festival wristband is through advance ticket sales or the ticket exchange on our website. As Kulturkosmos, we try to take action against fraud and the black market together with our lawyers. But to warn others about this, we need your help.

Sunday tickets

For the first time, Sunday tickets are available online in advance. So if you weren't lucky with advance sales or the Ticket:Börse, don't have time or Sunday is enough for you to freak out- with a Sunday ticket in your pocket or on your smartphone, you can be sure that you'll be able to get in on Sunday from 8 a.m. At the embassy in front of the festival gates there will be a remaining contingent of tickets for 70€ for those who decide spontaneously on the festival Sunday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Deposit Raising 2.0

is the second attempt to get a grip on our problems with the many glass bottles at the festival, without a bottle deposit.

What was tried last year for the first time and with little success, we will certainly do better this year. We have already written a lot about this in past newsletters and want to briefly outline it again here without much blah blah.

We will set up 100 glass stations throughout the site for the collection and disposal of glass bottles. Such a station consists of an IBC plastic tank and a rack with beverage crates.

The rules of the game are very simple:

  1. all bottles purchased at our bars should either be returned to the bars, or placed in the beverage crates at the designated stations. It would be nice if these bottles are not used as ashtrays and do not lie in the dirt forever, because then they will be sorted out and destroyed by the brewery after the return.
  2. all other bottles that are not from our bars are foreign glass. These must be disposed of at the glass stations in the IBC plastic tanks. Foreign bottles all go into the broken glass i.e. glass recycling, as it is impossible for us to collect all the different bottles (about 150,000 pieces), sort them and return them to the manufacturing companies. If you bring deposit bottles, take them home again - for the sake of the environment.
  3. Garbage must be disposed of in the garbage cans provided for this purpose and not in the broken glass plastic tanks! Otherwise we have to laboriously and manually separate it from the broken glass.


If you want to buy a bottled drink at one of the festival bars, you either have to bring and hand in an empty glass bottle of your choice, or pay a solitaire of €0.50 as a surcharge for your bottled drink. This Solicoin goes into a donation pot and is donated by Kuko after the festival to organizations that support people who are fleeing.

You collect - We donate

All those who bring glass bottles to the festival should feel responsible that they are not left everywhere and have to be picked up and disposed of by others. Only together we can solve the problem with this amount of bottles. We will provide the 100 collection points and you should dispose of your bottles there. To support this process ideally, the Kuko donates 0,10 € for each bottle that ends up in an IBC plastic tank into the donation pot.

Donations for people on the move

Last year, despite many start-up difficulties of the new pledge raising system, a sum of 125 000 € could be donated. Of this, 100 000 € was donated to the organization "Safe Passage Foundation" and 25 000,- to the "Medibüro Berlin". This year we also want to donate to these organizations, because money is urgently needed there to support people who are fleeing.


For many years there has been a €10 garbage deposit with every ticket. Compared to other festivals, it is always impressive how well the campgrounds are vacated upon departure. Please think about what you are bringing and then take it back with you. Just because some things like tents and gazebos are relatively cheap doesn't mean they should be disposable.


It's not forbidden to take photos, but it was frightening and corrosive how much was photographed on the dancefloors in the last year and how many photos with recognizable fusionists ended up on the net. Actually, it should be clear to everyone, no matter at which festival or wherever: We and the majority of our guests do not want photos to be taken while partying, where other people are recognizable for third parties and end up on the internet! The fusion is a free space where we can be how we want to be, free and uncontrolled... and we don't want to find that photographically documented on Insta or Tiktok or anywhere else.

Children and teenagers

For the first time, the 24th Fusion Festival will not allow people under 18 to enter the grounds. Much has been written about this in recent newsletters. We will indeed control the age and will not make any exceptions for any of the contributors.

If you have bought a ticket even though you are under 18, you should pass it on through the exchange before you are checked at the entrance and refused. If you are refused at the door, the ticket price will definitely not be refunded.

Forest fire level high

It is dry and dusty in the south of Mecklenburg and currently one of the few areas in Germany with the highest forest fire level. This year, 32 forest fires have already been registered in MV. We have to consequently prevent campfires and barbecues on the campgrounds, because area-wide and sufficient rain will not come by for the time being. Please remind your camping neighbors if you notice something like this.


There are still some clothes left after the returns and exchanges, so we decided to start the Soli-clothing shop one last time. From the 20th of June you can get the last pieces and remaining sizes close to the start of the rocket at The clothes will be shipped directly after your order and you will get them before the festival (if shipped within Germany).


The printed timetable unfortunately doesn't have enough space for all artists, so the Fusion app gives us the opportunity to provide you with the complete program in pocket format.

Go to with your smartphone and then look for the item "Add to home screen" in the browser menu / browser settings. Once clicked, an icon will appear on your homescreen, which contains the mobile timetable (can also be used offline). This year, for the first time, you will also find the festival map in the app. There you can mark your location on the campground - so you can safely get back to your own tent or bus.


After so much information and regulations, here are a few views of what you can expect in one week at the Kulturkosmos.

For weeks now, the 32 floors, stages and spaces have been stomped out of the Mecklenburg sand, literally created or refreshed. Everywhere the sounds of machines resound and temporary buildings and constructions sprout up, which in the coming 7 days will create the backdrop in and in front of which Fusion 2023 will take its foreseeably spectacular course. Hundreds of people are ant-like on the move, often working into the night to get their floor or spot up ready in time.

The floors will stay where they are, but will all have a new or renewed look. The booking of over 1000 different acts and artists is complete and no matter what kicks you or interests you, will pick you up where you got stuck or catapult you to where you never went before.

In the coming days we will publish information about most of the booked acts on our website. Feel free to check online or in the app if you don't want to miss a single pearl, or let yourself drift, be inspired and surprised by chance.

We don't want to reveal more at this point, we wish everyone a good journey. You can find all the information on the website.

See you soon!

Your Kulturkosmos

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