Fusion 2023 tickets

As announced a few weeks ago, there will be our autumn pre sale of Fusion Festival tickets for next year. 

On Monday 26 September, 10,000 tickets will be sold through our ticket shop. First come, first served. Tickets will go on sale at 2 pm until they are all gone.

By the way, the holiday-comunist extravaganza will take place in 2023 from 28 June to 2 July.

As this year, a ticket will cost 220€. The price again includes a €10 deposit and all fees and taxes. All information about the ordering process and payment can be found in the FAQs in our shop from Monday at 2pm.

Fusion tickets are very popular. Even though we bypass our fair raffle system with these 10,000 tickets, the rule of the game is: only one ticket may be purchased per Fusion attendee. If we find multiple orders, they will be cancelled without comment.

Go to the ticket shop here: tickets.fusion-festival.de

Ticket Area

The big pre-sale will take place in the new year. Orders can be placed from 1 to 14 January. A raffle on 19 January will decide which orders will win and thus be accepted. With the well-known clique option, all those who want to attend the Fusion together can throw their orders into the digital raffle as collective tickets. The ticket can be cancelled until spring and then resold in the Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse. Good luck to everyone who wants to buy a ticket and to our servers! Your Kulturkosmos

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