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In 2014, we completely rethought the topic of work at the Fusion and put everything to the test. It was clear that the amount of work done voluntarily FOR the Fusion and not remunerated by us had been decreasing dramatically for years. On the other hand, the costs that incurred for the cooperation as a whole were constantly rising.

This was a rather disillusioning realisation that raised many questions for us:
How far away are we from what Fusion used to be due to the growing professionalisation? What is our aspiration for the future? What are our expectations of ourselves, the crews and everyone else who works here? How do we get to the point where our joint festival gets so much voluntary support that it can continue to be realised in its size, diversity and beauty?

In the course of this, we reformed the then existing structure "Arbeitsamt" and created the Supporter Crew, which now does all the helpers' shifts around the festival. They are looked after by the Supporter Care Crew, a crew made up of Supporters and other sympathisers who look after the numerous motivated helpers before, during and after the festival.

We wanted to open the doors for those who are motivated and willing to join and donate their time and energy to the festival. Who fight together with us so that Fusion can continue to develop in the future, away from commercial constraints, and continue to exist as a counter-design to commercial festivals.

We are glad that we have taken this not uncomplicated path towards more voluntary commitment. Despite some initial difficulties, this new crew has more than proven itself.
We would like to thank the many Supporters for their voluntary commitment and for embarking on this journey with us.

From November 10 until December 13, 2021, all Supporters who signed up for the cancelled Fusion Team Red/Black and who supported us at the Plan:et C events can reactivate their accounts on the Supporter website.

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