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Snowy Lärz


Lärz is also finally sinking into the snow again for a few days. Since this sight was not only denied to us in the last few years, we decided to use the time for a long, cold walk across the Kulturkosmos grounds.

Meanwhile, our sheep, in their thick coats, continue to nibble
undisturbed on their hay. The ground stands still and we sit in the warm offices or, for the most part in the home office and continue to work hard on the preparations for the Festival 2021 - Team Black and Team Red. We hope you all stay healthy and have a home where you can stay warm and

In many cities right now, cold relief initiatives are in need of support and also at the outer borders of Europe many people have no have no real home. Many initiatives that are active there are dependent on donations. If you have the opportunity become active and support the people who need it.