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La Ballena, a new location is born


We have been showing circus and theatre productions in rented tents for years and have always had to accept major compromises in technical feasibility and restrictions in the visibility of the shows and the number of seats. That is why we decided 2019 to have our own theatre tent built, which solves all the avoidable compromises and restrictions and provides us with an optimal venue for future spectacles. Et voilà, the whale alias "la ballena" is the new star in the Kulturkosmos.

Tailor-made, asymmetrical, in the perfect shape and the most beautiful colours, "La Ballena" was built by the Italian tent specialist Ortona entirely according to our wishes, delivered in August and immediately set up for a trial.

In September/October we built a matching grandstand in our own production which offers 540 seats. In November, we received the TÜV for tent and tribune and now we can all be excited about the upcoming circus and theatre spectacles in the Kulturkosmos.