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Fusion Festival 2021

Dear Fusionistas,

Well, a summer quite unlike any other we’ve seen before, and one which seemed unimaginable six months ago, is slowly coming to an end. Yet the pandemic and the resulting restrictions to our daily lives, some of them extreme, continue and an end to all this is still not really in sight.

Like us, you’re wondering whether festivals will be permitted again next year and under what conditions we’ll be able to come together and party again.

For weeks now, the rumour mill has been in overdrive. Now it’s official. After much discussion, we’ve reached a decision. And this decision is centered around the hope that we’ll be able to put a festival on despite Corona.



A summer without festivals and partying was hard on us all – but just about bearable. Clearly many have not taken this as well as we have, or have taken a wrong turning in their thinking somewhere down the line.

In our newsletter a few months back that confirmed the cancellation of this year’s Fusion, we wrote:

“…We look on without protest as the dictates of Corona bring democracy to its knees, along with our freedoms and rights. …It’s high time to have an open discussion about how we can not only save our healthcare system but also, beyond this crisis, how we can save our culture, civil rights, and our right to a life that is self-determined! … We won’t get back what is being taken away from us by this virus without fighting for it. We can’t just wait and see what happens.”

Now we’re wondering if this call was misunderstood by some – we wonder if we’ve co-written a script for a horror film or something.

Looking on and seeing who has gone out into the streets to demonstrate with whom over the last few weeks has made us sick to our stomachs. People we barely know as well as people who maybe belong in some way to our circle of friends or acquaintances have been demonstrating for months now with Corona deniers, anti-vaxxers, crazy conspiracy theorists, self-proclaimed citizens of the “German Reich”, and Nazis of all types.

Even if most people there were concerned about defending basic rights or the legitimate appeal against the unjust consequences of many of the Corona restrictions, that was not what this protest was about. The pack of Nazis and their imperial flags were unmissable, but no one distanced themselves from the right-wing extremists - everyone in the mob of protesters seemed perfectly content to be mixed in with the brown-shirts.

We were completely shocked that, within this unsavoury mix, there were some who we’ve shared a dancefloor with at Fusion before. With no shame, they joined this mess, formed a people’s front with Nazis and other complete morons. Worse still, they lent their ears and even their minds to this conspiracy nonsense. It left us speechless.

We say to all of you that we absolutely do not want to party at Fusion with many who you have protested with. You really might want to consider who you want to throw your lot in with in future.

Our old motto: „our heads are round so our thoughts can change direction” (Francis Picabia / U.Site 1996) makes the point rather well. But if you’re having trouble turning them, try consuming more facts... and less dope. Or, better yet, stay at home and turn off the internet.

We don’t want to go deeper into this now, so let’s get back to the topic at hand: FUSION 2021.

The dates of the split Fusion are:

FUSION 2021 Team RED: Thu – Sun, 24 - 27 June 2021

FUSION 2021 Team BLACK: Thu – Sun, 1 - 4 July 2021


Some details about this new concept:

  • The two festival dates will be curated in as diverse a way as possible to reflect how we all love and know Fusion. However, given that we’re only taking in half the guests, we have to reduce the programme by around a third. This will mainly affect the indoor spaces like the hangers as we’ll try to keep as much outdoors as possible. The programme will be slightly different on both weekends.
  • Both festival dates will be reduced from five to four-day events and the programmes will start on Thursday afternoon.
  • We’ll use the areas that are enclosed by fences of the Kulturkosmos site and the Island as camping areas. That’s to say the camping areas will be large enough for everyone and no one will have to park on the airfield.
  • As was the case before, access will only be by the country road (Kreisstraße) entrance.


What will the programme be at the two festival dates?

All the open-air stages will be in action with various music styles across both weekends. If possible, we will book most of the bands and DJs for both weekends. Theatre, circus, cinema and performance as we all know and love it will still be included and, naturally, you can expect the same type of freaky shit, weird stuff, and strange little gems at both festival dates too.

The programme on both weekends will therefore be largely similar. The small differences are explained a bit here:

Fusion 2021  Team  RED   (24.06 - 27.06).  35,000 tickets. Arrival from Wednesday, entrance to the festival from Thursday morning. More bands will play on the Palapa stage than on the second weekend. The Trancefloor will be an ambient or chillout floor until early Sunday morning. The Content programme (discussion groups, etc.) will also mainly take place on this opening weekend.

There will be no Sunday tickets. On Sunday night everything will come to a complete halt as all guests will have to leave on Monday, so that we can clear up ready for the following weekend.

Fusion 2021      Team   BLACK   (1.7 - 4.7).  35,00 tickets. Arrival and entry as of Thursday 6am. Again, it’ll be a full programme, this time with a full-on Trance Floor and an after-party from Sunday into Monday. For this weekend there’ll be an additional 5,000 Sunday tickets. The focus on the Palapa stage this time will be on comedy and circus, and less on bands.

That’s the rough outline of how we envision choreographing the split Fusion festival. Of course, there are still many unanswered questions, and we can’t cover all of them right now.


The vast majority of those who were able to get their hands on a Fusion ticket for this year didn’t cancel it. You have all afforded us a small loan which has allowed us to continue working and survive this surprise year without Fusion. Thank you!

This also, though, gave us real impetus to split the festival over two weekends. The option to reduce it by half completely would have meant we would have to take tickets away from half of you in some sort of cruel reversal of the ticket ballot. This is not a thought we can entertain.

Two festival dates means that you need to decide which festival-team, red or black, you fancy more. You can’t join both of them!

Before making this decision, we have to let you know that we will have to charge an additional fee on top of the ticket price you’ve already paid. And this extra cost is not insignificant.

Splitting the festival over two weekends increases the costs considerably. The bottom line is that these costs are 1.6 times higher than they would be for a regular Fusion. And we haven’t included any additional costs we may see for protective material against infection. We also need to cover our running costs for the unplanned and uninsured Fusion-free year.

We went back and forth on this for a long time and came to the conclusion that, in addition to the price already paid for the ticket of €130, there’ll need to be a surcharge of €75 so that we can finance this split Fusion option.

The ticket price in 2021 will therefore rise to €220 (including €10 rubbish deposit and €5 admin costs).

If you do not want to, or are unable to, keep your ticket in light of this increase, please cancel your ticket in your ticket account by mid November and you will be reimbursed the ticket price, including the rubbish deposit and admin fee. In such cases, we cannot and don’t anyway want to claim the €10 cancellation fee that we introduced years ago. But we’d be extremely grateful if you would consider donating this cancellation fee to Kulturkosmos and our network.

Speaking of donations: We’d like to again clearly state that all our cultural activities are really under threat right now. Many groups in our network are also in dire need of donations to survive the upcoming months. Politicians are unable to act and the support and funds made available for culture so far have been too few, too bureaucratic, and in many cases don’t provide help to those that need it most. A cultural-political appreciation of spaces of subculture is not nearly enough as far as politics is concerned, especially not to allow our particular form of subculture to remain viable in this crisis. So, irrespective of donating the cancellation fee or not, anyone who would like to donate to the Kulturkosmos Foundation and our network can do so here:


Kulturkosmos Stiftung gGmbH

IBAN: DE36 4306 0967 1116 6858 01


What happens now for those who have a ticket?

From 1.11 to 14.11 all ticket holders need to select whether they want to cancel their ticket or keep it and pay the surcharge of €75. You can do all this via your online ticketing account.

The ticket price for 2021 is €220 (including tax, rubbish deposit, and admin fee).

Then you need to select - also in your online ticketing account - which festival weekend you want to visit. You can only come to one! Discuss and decide this with your friends and party crews, wether you want to belong to Team Red or Team Black, in good time. If you don’t confirm the extra charge for the ticket and don’t transfer it by 14 November, your ticket will unfortunately be automatically cancelled and the price for the ticket will be transferred back to you. If you fail to select one of the weekends, we’ll automatically assign you to one team. So, if you want to party with your friends, be sure to agree with them on which weekend you’ll all go.


Those wanting to support the festival through volunteer work can also apply to be a Fusion Supporter during the same time period in November. This allows you to come to Fusion by means of volunteering. For more information, check out the supporter website


Ticketing 2021

All cancelled tickets will be entered into the 2021 ticket ballot and will be raffled off among those who would like to register for this ballot between December 1 and 14 2020. If you are one of the ticket holders for 2020, you cannot register again for the 2021 lottery. Anyone who tries to scam the system and acquire tickets for both dates, or who registers themselves multiple times to increase their chance of winning, will be disqualified outright.

Fusion tickets have been personalised for many years, in order to prevent tickets finding their way onto the black market. Now in view of the pandemic, it will continue to be important for tickets to be personalised for track and trace processes, especially at events.

The results of the ticket ballot will be available in your online ticket account.

Cancellations and exchange of tickets 2021.

Every paid ticket from 2020 and 2021 can be cancelled in your online ticket account until 31 March 2021. As of 1 April, it will no longer be possible to cancel. Following this date, there will be a ticket exchange on our website for the first time ever. All ticket holders can trade their tickets there from May 1 until the weekend before the respective festival. This means you can sell, buy, re-assign tickets or, if you want, swap weekends/teams with someone. The ticket exchange will be controlled by us so that it all runs smoothly.

2021 will be the first year in which we don’t send out Fusion tickets by post. All tickets will be available as e-tickets or for you to print out. The beautiful hard paper tickets that we had already printed for this year will be given to you as you arrive at the festival. You can keep them as a souvenirs and use them to claim your rubbish deposit when you leave the festival grounds too.

Fusion 2021, two teams, two weekends is the prize we have our eye on!

Even if the Fusion rocket hasn’t yet been cleared for launch next summer, we’re keeping positive, looking ahead and piling all our efforts into planning for two festival weekends. It’s clear to all of us that there just can’t be another summer without this special brand of culture. We’re working hard and imaginatively on a viable concept for Fusion - despite the coronavirus - that can be both safe and fun. For this, we’re depending on the cooperation of many sensible people. Only by collaborating will we be able to come together and party at the festival in times such as these.

There was no holiday here at the Kulturkosmos site this summer, despite no Fusion. Preparations for the upcoming festivals simply continued. 20 to 50 people have been working here for months now on our infrastructure, the stages, and on new projects. On our website you can see the first impressions of what’s been built over the summer and the Kulturkosmos site in times of Corona.

As you can tell, we’re working hard to ensure that the Fusion rocket blasts off from Lärz next year, kickstarts a great party with you all, and blows the Coronavirus away.