Who is behind the Fusion?

A lot of people may have asked themselves this question. Of course, we have written stuff about us and our structures over the past years and a lot of people have known the festival for quite some time now. Still, we would quite like to lighten up for you the darkness around ''Kulturkosmos'' once more.

Club Kulturkosmos

Since its foundation in 1999, the non-profit association "Kulturkosmos" is the festivals host and organiser. We are a constantly changing and developing group with a solid core that has come together on the former Soviet military airfield at the Müritz. Fellow campaigners of various colours, whose realities of life, professions and places of residence are very different, come together here and donate their free time to this joint project. Many of them work in the arts and culture, others come from completely different backgrounds.

Jobs at Kulturkosmos

Fusion has become so big that things like accountancy or the maintenance of the festival ground throughout the year can not be done on a voluntary basis anymore or done on the side, such as booking or other extensive organisational tasks in festival planning, such as ticketing or booking. That is why some members of the association are employed by the association. In the meantime, the work on the expansion and construction of the association's grounds and buildings is so extensive throughout the year that it can no longer be handled entirely by the association's members. That is why there have been people permanently employed by Kulturkosmos for many years. Many of them come from the region and are great employees of Kulturkosmos. It is thanks to them that much of the work that has to be done long before the actual festival starts can be realised in time and professionally.



Countless hours of voluntary work have gone into setting up the Kulturkosmos and organising the festivals. Many sympathisers, supporters and friends come, sometimes weeks in advance, to help us set up the festival. A large part of the local youth has been shaped in their socialisation through cooperation and through the festival itself. Every year in June, in preparation for the festival, an incredible dynamic is set in motion, in the course of which insane things are achieved and great things are created.


With the Fusion, an absolutely great network-like structure has developed over the past 20 years. More than 200 different groups, as well as many super committed lone fighters, form this network, which realises the festival every year. About 10,000 sympathisers from Mecklenburg and all other parts of the republic or the world work in this Fusion network during the festival, among them about 2,500 supporters. They are all significantly involved in the events and that is probably the main reason why the fusion is so relaxed and releases so much energy. In everyday life, many of the individual crews and groups are involved in subculture, left-wing politics, youth work or art. They are all the basis for such a diverse and large festival to come about and function so cool. Each group has a different area of responsibility and all of them work largely autonomously after consultation with us. Some of these groups look after the individual floors, stages and hangars, the toilets and showers, regulate the admission or the traffic.


The Bars on the festival grounds are also run by different groups and collectives with a subcultural, left-wing political or artistic background. So there is no private profit from the sale of drinks. So with every drink you buy, you support a solidarity story, a cultural initiative or a left-wing political project.


This Backstage section wouldn't  be complete without a tribute to  over 3000 artists who make Fusion a melting pot of extremely diverse music, artistry, theatre and optics. The extent to which  they are  contributing to the festival's success is crucial - without them, all the other work around Fusion  would be for nothing.