29/06 – 03/07/22
#EgalWo - Spanner abschalten! Down with voyeurs!

Someone secretly photographs your breasts while you are showering in the open-air swimming pool.
You’re photographed from behind while changing after…


Together we can turn Pfand and glass waste into donations for People on the Move.

By train to Fusion Festival or the „9€ Ticket“ is not a Fusion Ticket

Unfortunately, the "9 Euro Ticket" will not be a recommendable ride to and from the Fusion.

Newsletter May 2022

The Fusion Newsletter from 11. May 2022

Theatre Festival at.tension #9

The ticket presale for the ninth edition of the at.tension theatre festival will take place online on April 10, May 10 and August 10.

Newsletter December 2021

The Fusion Newsletter from 9 December 2021

Fusion Festival 2022 Tickets

Fusion Festival 2022 will take place from 29.06.-03.07.2022. First information about ticketing

Turmbühne Plan:et C 2021

After a long construction phase the "Turmbühnen" Floor 2021 celebrated its premiere at the Plan:et C events.

Supporter Crew Fusion Festival

The voluntary work of the supporters is an important pillar of the Fusion Network.

construction site "Turmbühne"

Even though the Fusion Festival has been cancelled, the construction site on the "Turmbühne" is still progressing. Here you can watch a video of…

Hier entlang geht es zu weiteren Fusion-News.


Here you can find the Supporter Crew Website

Ticket Area

By entering the ticket area you have access to all info and FAQs for ticket holders and the ticket presale for Fusion Festival.


In our forum you can exchange ideas and read about the topics currently being discussed by fusionists or get in touch with them.


In our archive you can browse the websites of the past Fusion festivals and discover a selection of festival photos divided by year in our photo archive.