Help through even more shopping!

Dear Fusionists,

As announced last August and in order to reduce our financial deficit, we’re launching our Fusion Propaganda Store for the next and final time today, Tuesday October 24 until November 1.


The first round which we did in August, saw orders of more than 13,000 shirts and hoodies. It was a huge success and made us very happy.

Unfortunately, fucking Paypal ended up blocking our account without reason whatsoever and are still to this day are holding over €400,000 of ours. Our lawyers are on it now, but this lousy business practice is, as we now know, not unusual at Paypal. We will therefore no longer offer Paypal in the future and can only advise everyone to think carefully when choosing a payment service provider to whom one entrusts one's money. We’ll get it sorted and certainly receive our money at some point, but we’re also seeing whether we can start a claim for damages.

Without the support of private loans and donations to the tune of over €200,000 from our sympathisers, in addition to the income from the sale of 10,000 tickets at the end of September it would certainly have been very tight.

At this point we would like to say a big thank you to all our supporters and donors.

Thanks to donations and ticket sales, we didn't go bankrupt, but we still can't put an exact figure on our financial deficit, as not everything is booked yet and invoices are still being received and paid every day. A few big chunks like Gema, with whom we've been fighting over the tariff for years now, are also still open...We're trying to put together a compilation of our finances at the beginning of next year in order to make the costs of Fusion 2022 and the expenses of the previous Corona years transparent for all to see.

So even though we can't say definitively how deep the financial hole is yet, this second round of the propaganda shop will help us plug it. In addition to new shirts and hoodies and a lined zipper for the cold winter, we also have socks, mugs and caps in this round. So if you're looking for something warm or suitable as a gift, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

We only produce what is ordered. We are not a mail order giant and therefore ask you to only order what you really want to buy. So please take your time when ordering. Sizes are normal, but if you are unsure, please check our size charts and if in doubt, order too big rather than too small. It will not be possible to simply return a different size. After the first round, a small exchange forum has been set up in our forum, where you can connect with each other: <>_

After the order deadline we will immediately put the clothes into production. The timing is such that your order will be sent to you in the first week of December and will definitely arrive before Christmas.

Here’s the link to the store: _** <>_

If you don't want to support us by shopping but by donating, you can of course continue to do so, but please only by bank transfer.

*Our donation account is:
Konto: Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V.
IBAN: DE90 1505 0100 0530 1009 40
Verwendungszweck: Spende Fusion 22*

Rhythmus und Veränderung!


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Help through even more shopping!

So even though we can't say definitively how deep the financial hole is yet, this second round of the propaganda shop will help us plug it.

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