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Please leave your dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish and any other pets at home! The German Animal Rights Organisation (Deutscher Tierschutzbund) and local authorities have ruled that the entire festival area should be out of bounds for dogs and pets. Dogs and other pets must therefore remain in the camping area. Free-running dogs will be brought to the animal shelter at the owners expenses.

Barrier free access

Most of the festival takes place on level ground and there are no steps at the entrances of the hangars (stages). There are paths with reinforced surfaces connecting all the different stages and areas. There is a wheelchair accessible chemical toilet at the backstage entrance, opposite the DuB Station, and a flushable toilet with wheelchair access in the sanitation area between the Tubebox hangar stage and the Luftschloss tent stage.

Please note: If you can present a valid "disability pass" – a written document stating your disability (in Germany there’s a special pass...) – the person accompanying you can come to the festival free of charge.

Barrier free camping

As always we will have barrier free camping this year. Everybody who needs to use them has the possibility now to camp together with their friends there. We will have paths with reinforced surfaces. We will provide a big tent with 5 cots for those who have problems with the transfer from the wheelchair to the ground level. Furthermore we will have fridge to store medicines and a power connection for CPAP machines or other needs. Our barrier free camping can be found in the map as B1 next to the "Konsum". Directly on the opposite side you can find barrier free showers and toilets. In order to be able to meet your demands, we ask you to register at barrierefrei(at)

Black market

It is inevitable, that in a situation in which tickets are so scarce and the demands are so high, a big black market develops in which some assholes try to make profit with the tickets. So we personalised all the tickets this year. For all of you not having achieved a ticket: you still have the possibility of buying the Sunday-ticket or try to get a festival ticket in our Ticket:Bourse. You will find more information under “Tickets”. 


The camping area will open on the Wednesday at 8am and have to be left by 12 noon on the Wednesday after the festival finishes. There are no electricity points for campers in the camping area.

Cash machine / ATM

There's a cash machine / ATM at the tower near the main entrance and the central bus station (ZOB) on the air field (transaction costs 3,95€).

Children and Teenager

Children at Fusion – this discussion is as old as the festival.

Our policy on kids is that in general we have no problem with children at the festival. But we expect all of you coming with kids to be aware of your responsibility and to take good care of them. 

Sadly, this has not always been the case in past years and some parents did not take adequate responsibility for their children. This led to several unacceptable cases of children’s welfare being put at risk. The local authorities and the Youth Welfare Office demanded that we create a concept for the safety of children. This was put into place in 2010 and will be valid this year as well.

We support this entirely as we think that there have to be clear rules to guarantee the welfare of children:

  • Children from the age of 13 (13. birthday) on have to have a valid festival ticket. Everybody coming with children must camp in the family camping area on the island (Insel). Cars with children under the age of 18 on board will not be granted access to the airfield or other camping areas.
  • Teenagers aged between 16 and 18 are allowed to stay in the festival area until midnight, but only if they can present a declaration of consent ("Einverständniserklärung") from their parents with them and be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 and over) at all times.
  • Small children are not allowed into the festival area without their parents. 
  • Teenagers aged 16 and under are free to do whatever they like. However, they must leave the festival area by 10 pm whether they are with their parents or not.
  • Teenagers aged between 16 and 18 are allowed to stay in the festival area until midnight, but only if they can present a declaration of consent (Einverständniserklärung) from their parents. 

Please note: Kids aged 13 and under can come to Fusion free of charge and do not need a festival ticket.


We have to follow the guidelines of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for large events, which will apply at the time of the festival. These are difficult to predict at the moment.
We will not refuse entry to anyone just because they have not been vaccinated. Whether and how a test concept will have to be implemented again on site will become clear in the coming weeks and we will keep all fusionists informed about this via the newsletter and here on our website.


Drones and other fliying camera shit are unwanted at Fusion Festival. Please leave them at home. In the past years a lot of other fusionists didn't tolerate them and let them disappear quickly from the sky quickly.


The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 8am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm.
We therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms not to arrive before Wednesday. If you do, it’ll result in no small amount of annoyance and chaos and will, ultimately, just cause delays for everyone arriving on Wednesday. It will not be possible to enter the festival site on Tuesday and you won’t find any parking or camping facilities outside the festival site then either. The first shuttle buses will leave Neustrelitz at 8am on Wednesday.
If you arrive before Wednesday, you will have to find accommodation elsewhere, for example, on the campsite at the Canoo station in Mirow. The campsite is situated right next to a lake and you can comfortably camp there before, during and after the festival.

Festival start Wednesday - 5 days of party?

Although the open-air floors will still only ramp up from 6pm on Thursday, in 2022 the festival will again officially start at 6pm on Wednesday.

That’s when you’ll be treated to an exquisite line-up of concerts, theatre, circus shows, and music. There’ll be spaces for more mellow sounds, time for discussion, the chance to meet new and old friends, opportunities to chill, to barbeque, and to explore the festival site – an extensive but relaxed programme that allows everyone to gently drift into the Fusion cosmos.

However, it seems that the Wednesday start has led to some rumours that the festival doors and gates will be opened earlier this year.

This is not true!

The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 8am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm.

We therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms not to arrive before Wednesday. If you do, it’ll result in no small amount of annoyance and chaos and will, ultimately, just cause delays for everyone arriving on Wednesday. It will not be possible to enter the festival site on Tuesday and you won’t find any parking or camping facilities outside the festival site then either. The first shuttle buses will leave Neustrelitz at 8am on Wednesday.

Partly because of poor organisation and planning, many of you had to endure massive waiting times when entering and leaving the festival last year. We have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that that you’ll be able to get in and out a lot easier this year.

For all that to work, though, it’s really important that you pay attention to the new systems that we’ve put in place. All of this will be on the website from mid-June and in the festival guide as well. When you leave the festival site, please make sure you look at the information in the guide so that everyone leaving on Sunday can get away quickly.

Fireworks, sky lanterns etc.

Even though fireworks express joy – and we want nothing more than for you to have fun – fireworks are an absolute no-go during the festival! 

The constant use of fireworks in recent years has seriously pissed off a lot of people. Sillyness and incompetence have also led to a number of serious incidents and in a few cases people have been lucky not to be badly injured That means anyone caught selling bangers or rockets will be immediately thrown out. Anyone we catch using fireworks will get an unpleasant earful and be forced to spend a day cleaning the fire engines! Sky lanterns are also an absolute no-go on the festival: they are like flying matches and can cause serious wild forest fires.


Please do not make campfires. Charcoal barbecues are no problem.


Festivals produce garbage - that's why we have the garbage fee. Please leave the camping area like you found it in the beginning. The disposal of your garbage through our helpers after the festival leads to back ache and sometimes just to head-shaking. Please use the pocket ashtrays which you can get at the bars and info points and please use another place to dump your old furniture (old sofas ...). There is no place for confetti in nature and it's really grotty to clean it up. Please take care that you remove all tent pegs and metall you put in the soil. The camping areas are meadows for feeding animals - forgotten tent pegs only piss off the farmer afterwards.

Graffiti and tag-free zones

Fusion festival is proud to be 100% free of advertising. 

This also applies to all those who narcissistically want to spray their tag in what is a public space. Stupidity, ignorance and people obsessed with their image and ego have caused huge damage in recent years and this has cost us an enormous amount of money! We and many other Fusionists find this incredibly frustrating and it has made us pretty angry. 

Think about it: Fusion festival offers a whole load of spaces for street art in its many creative forms. But other spaces, objects and equipment at the festival are off limits and must remain unchanged!

These graffiti and tag-free zones are marked with a crystal-clear pictogram. If you don't respect this rule, you will have to leave the festival and pay for the damage. In the recent years, this approach has shown that respect can be learned.


You enter the festival at your own risk and responsibility. Kulturkosmos e.V. and the Fusion Festival can not be held accountable for any material damage that may occur on the festival site, for example during an artist's show.

Medical Services

Fusion Festival thrives thanks to your imagination and creativity, and because of our common responsibility to each other and to nature. Acting responsibly means looking after yourself too. So please remember to bring a decent basic first aid kit (plasters, antiseptic cream, etc.), any medicines you take regularly, and don’t forget suncream and a sunhat!
The festival is in the middle of the countryside. There aren’t exactly a load of medical services on our doorstep and the next hospital is 25 km away. If you notice that you have a health issue before the festival, sort it out at home. Also, please don’t clog up our Red Cross tent with trifling issues like a lack of plasters or aspirin. Makes sure you bring those kinds of things with you for you and your friends!


Nazis, chauvinists and racists of all ilks are not welcome and should not gain access to the festival. To guarantee this, we ask you to stay alert. If you see anyone who clearly identifies themselves as having extreme right-wing or rascist views, please help us to immediately remove them from the festival. Inform the Fusion security crew immediately if you see any neo-Nazis or racists.


Everybody who is not sleeping in their car, please leave it at our big parking space. You can reach them easily by walking and they are free of charge. Unbeatable advantage: nobody can block your car with their tent or car and you can leave whenever you want to.

Party break

This year there will also be a party break on Friday, Saturday and Sunday noon. This gives us a chance to collect the rubbish from the dance floors, and everyone else the opportunity to chill out for a while. It also means the smaller stages get a bit more attention.

The chill-out breaks will be on Friday from 11 am to 2 pm, Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm and Sunday from 12am to 2pm.


You are welcome to take pictures at Fusion festival – if they’re for personal use. However, we don't appreciate people running around with a camera, thinking they can actually take their experiences back home on a microchip. And we can also easily do without the countless bad pictures and boring films that pop up on Flickr and YouTube shortly after the festival.

We would also like to ask that you use of your pictures responsibly. Please remember that you should respect and under no circumstances abuse another person’s rights regarding their own image.

Keep the good memories in your heart - not on a chip!


...can you find on the back of the Casinohangar. There you can get Shirts and Hoodies while stocks last - so just check out our Propaganda stall or just be creative! That's always nicer and more genuine anyway.

Safe Area

You can store everything that you would rather not leave in your tent in the Safe Area. You can also charge your camera and phone here. This is also Fusion’s lost & found. If you lose anything during the festival, you can contact the festival team afterwards at 


Forgotten your suncream or toothbrush? You can buy essential items, along with fresh fruit and bread, at the Konsum supermarket on the festival site. It’s located in the Circus Tent (Zirkuszelt) in camping area B4.



You’ll find cold showers at the Shower Tower and in the Bachstelzen area.

There are warm showers, toilets and cultural entertainment available at the Waschsalon (behind the Luftschloss) and at the Oase (in the middle of the camping area) and in front of the Workshophangar.


Once again, there will be a shuttle service from Neustrelitz train station to the gates of Fusion. There are also buses that take you directly from cities all over Germany to the festival and back again. Check for more details.

"Social" media

Fusion has developed just fine through word of mouth and we do not need any extra propaganda on Fakebook, Insta (A gram of what?) or other so-called “social” networks. 

We don't need and don't want pages on these kinds of internet platforms. Anything that looks like Fusion was created by well-meaning fans – not by us. If you think we’re great, don’t "like" us.

STOP "Thor Steinar"

Thor Steinar is a clothing brand that is produced and marketed by right wing activists using the symbols of the Nazi movement and which is worn mostly by fascists! Everybody buying and wearing these clothes directly supports neo-Nazis in spreading their ideas and symbols through society. WATCH OUT! These and similar clothes are not welcome at Fusion, and neither are the people wearing them.

Sunday Tickets

Day tickets for Sunday are available from 8:00 a.m. at the embassy for €70 (including a €10 garbage deposit). 


Fusion Festival 2022 ist sold out. All information about you paid ticket you find at tickets

In order not to expose ourselves to the risk that many people cancel their tickets at short notice and we are then left holding the bag, we have activated a ticket exchange from 4 May onwards where you can offer your ticket until 26 June, but also still get hold of tickets.


From 2022, the use of all toilets is free of charge, whether Dixi, composting toilets, rocket toilets or WC Royal. There are several positions on the camping areas where a larger number of Dixis stand together. They are emptied three times a day. Our "WC royal", i.e. toilet containers with ceramic bowls and flushing water, are located at five different spots. These toilets are looked after and cleaned. There are new stations with composting toilets, which we are constantly expanding so that soon no one will need a Dixi any more. You are still welcome to make a small donation, as the groups in charge all work for projects worthy of support.


Trash deposit

Each ticket is sold with an additional EUR 10 trash deposit. When you arrive at the festival, you’ll be given a big plastic trash bag at the gate, along with your wristband and festival programme. If you return this bag full of trash before you leave, together with the trash deposit coupon (attached to your ticket), you will get the EUR 10 back. It’s not cool to steal other people’s trash!


You can fill your water containers and bottles with drinking water at the shower tower and at various drinking water stations around the festival area. The big dance floors will also have water bars giving out free drinking water.