Cancellation Fusion Festival - Newsletter May 2021

The below excerpts are from the logbook MSY Kulturkosmos and detail a mission that began months ago with great hope but an uncertain outcome. They document the story and the course taken by MSY Kulturkosmos as it seeks to explore a temporary escape from the dystopian winter pandemic of 2020/21. The mission: to enable festivals and cultural events, despite the pandemic, in summer 2021. The principal aim of course was Fusion at the end of June and beginning of July across two weekends with 35,000 visitors each time.

Note the principal aim of the mission was, not is. That is because as of this day, May 12 2021, this seems not to be achievable. We cannot see how this could be done in the remaining time window of just six weeks.

We write this entry to our logbook with great collective sadness with everyone who hoped and looked forward to Fusion - all the way until the very end.

It is with great sadness that we announce today:

Unfortunately, we will not achieve our mission “Fusion 2021” in time, and therefore have to postpone our much-anticipated festival for the second time by another year. All ticket holders can read here how to proceed.

We write today’s logbook entry with anger directed at the politicians who ignored the third wave of the virus and prioritised the economy instead. They have failed to act with any consistency for months now. In addition to all the other failures during the pandemic including the ongoing vaccination disaster; it is the failure to respond and the inconsistency of action that have led us still living with such extreme restrictions and the deprivation of our rights and liberty. People will stop at nothing “as long as the economy is booming...” and we go from one Lockdown Light to the next. Fusion would have been possible this year if politicians had acted with consistency and in good time!

But we also write this entry with the hope that we will dance barefoot on green fields, listen to concerts, and party with you this summer, despite the pandemic. Right from the start, our mission was not limited to hosting Fusion at the end of June. Despite this severe setback, we’re continuing to work towards the goal of making culture, festivals, and parties possible this summer. We are convinced that, by August at the latest, the bass will return in Lärz and other places too; that culture will break for new shores, and that we will recapture our dance floors once again.

Here in our detailed logbook, you can see how difficult these past few months have been for us: from splitting the festival across two weekends; to the hopeful development of our hygiene and testing concept, to the realistic vision that we could put on the festival.