Newsletter June 2021

Plan:et C a new star @ kulturkosmos is born

For more than a year a damn virus has shut us down and again we had to postpone the Fusion Festival another year - because mid of May it still was not foreseeable that a festival with 35.000 people would have been approved at the end of June. We have been working tirelessly over the past few months to open the gates in Lärz for you again. With the cancellation of the Fusion Festival, we announced we would fill the Kulturkosmos with life again from August on. We promised the bass would return to vibrate our souls and massage our synapses.

Now, the plan is clear! We set for landing three times on the new 'star' Plan:et C in a few weeks. The dates are set, the booking is still in the making. And on the Kulturkosmos site we are working hard for months, so that we can soon party together again, dance barefoot on the grass, and beam ourselves back to normality. We will sell 10,000 tickets for each of the three Plan:et C events. In view of current developments, and with our testing and hygiene concept already developed for the Fusion Festival and now adapted, we are sure that we can celebrate Covid-safe and also get these events approved. If necessary, we will dispute this before the court.

On two different stages, Turmbühne and Seebühne, electronic music will get even the smallest particles in motion. On the newly designed Turmbühne, techno is pumping straight out and on Seebühne you can nod your heads or swing your hips to hip hop, bass music, slow house or worldbeat. Bands from both - near and far - are finally allowed to go bananas again in the Luftschloss. There will be theatre in the new circus tent "La Ballena", you can chill out at the Dubstation and a small but fine selection of films will flicker across the cinema screen.

The program will be partially published here ( in the coming weeks. The ticket presale starts a bit earlier than planned, already on Friday, June 11, regardless of the not yet published program. You buy, as so often with the Kulturkosmos, a wonderfully colorful cat in the infamous bag.

Three dates to choose from:

  • Plan:et C ≈ alpha • α
    August 20 to 22

  • Plan:et C ≈ beta • β
    August 27 to 29

  • Plan:et C ≈ gamma • γ
    September 17 to 19

We will let an automated raffle decide which orders will be accepted or rejected so that tickets are distributed as fairly as possible. To enter the raffle, you must place an order on our website ( between June 11 and 21, 2021. The results of the raffle will be announced on June 24, 2021.

A ticket for Plan:et C Festival costs 100,- € including a PCR test upon arrival.

Admission is only available to guests 18 years and older. Unfortunately, children cannot participate.

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate, you can only attend one of the three events. Therefore, only one ticket order per person is allowed. Multiple orders will lead to disqualification and exclusion from all Plan:et C events.

Paid tickets cannot be cancelled. Instead, we will set up our own Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse as of July 19. There we will also give away unpaid tickets, so people who were not lucky to win a ticket in the raffle still have a chance to get a ticket.

We plan all our events with a sophisticated and complex hygiene and testing concept. All participants will be PCR tested upon arrival. The details of the testing and hygiene concept will be worked out in the next weeks and available for you on the website.

Plan:et C is the 'star' on which we can finally party and dance together again. We are really looking forward to this excursion together, back to a place of desire that we had to leave many months ago, but which we could never forget in our dreams.

Your Kulturkosmos

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