Newsletter July

Dear Fusionists,

the summer seems to mostly be on top form these days. Slightly melancholic, we were sitting in a small group in Lärz on what was actually the second Fusion / Team Black weekend, discussing the further challenges that we still have on the agenda until Plan:et C in mid-August. We are screwing and sawing the last boards of the Turmbühne and are up to our ears in preparations for Plan:et C.

As of today, you can read all about the test concept on our website The PCR beta test with the construction workers who are already on site here in Lärz is going very well. Part of the crew has already been vaccinated and all people present are getting tested twice a week in our Kuko Lab PCR. So we can be relatively relaxed about our life together here and concentrate fully on all the tasks at hand. You can read the arrival directions and the basic A-Z information about our Plan:et C events on our website - we will constantly update this and all other information and in any case adapt it to the conditions and specifications in August for the event date. You can book your Bassliner tickets directly at

For all those who were not successful in the ticket raffle for Plan:et C, the Kulturkosmos Ticket:Bourse will start on July 19 on our website. However, a cancellation of an already paid for ticket will not be possible. The Kulturkosmos Ticket: Bourse will be open until 4 days before the respective festival date. This provides a good and spontaneous opportunity to either swap festival date or to pass on the ticket. This way, people who decide to come on short notice can still enjoy dancing on Alpha, Beta or Gamma.

In addition to the three Plan:et C events, the be.tween Theatre Fest will take place for the first time in September. 1500 guest per event day can enjoy a short experience of a special kind on September  3, 4, 5, 10 and 11. So if you want to experience a bit of theatre culture in your late summer alongside rave and party, check out our website and register by latest by July 14 for the ticket raffle on July 16.

We hope you all stay healthy and we'll see you on a weekend at Plan:et C or at one of the late summer theatre days in Lärz.

Your Kulturkosmos Crew

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Newsletter July

We are screwing and sawing the last boards of the Turmbühne and are up to our ears in preparations for Plan:et C.

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