Cancellation Fusion Festival - Newsletter May 2021

May 12, 2021. MSY Kulturkosmos has today stopped its engines and reefed its sails for the time being.

The be.tween Theatre Fest becomes a festival!

The be.tween Theatre Fest will take place at the Kulturkosmos Müritz e.V. site in Lärz for the first time and has been initially been planned as theatre days but now changed to a small festival edition on the second weekend in September...

Newsletter July

We are screwing and sawing the last boards of the Turmbühne and are up to our ears in preparations for Plan:et C.

Newsletter June 2021

Now, the plan is clear! We set for landing three times on the new 'star' Plan:et C in a few weeks. Three dates to choose from...

News from the "Turmbühne"

Even though the Fusion Festival has been cancelled, the construction site on the "Turmbühne" is still progressing. Here you can watch a video of aerial shots of the "wooden cake".

The Kuko Lab

The KUKO Lab has opened its doors and from now on people from the surrounding area can take their free citizen test on the Kulturkosmos site, from 25.5. the PCR test procedure will also be running.

Ticketinfo 2021

A letter to all ticket holders for Fusion Festival 2021 to get more info about their possibilities after the cancellation.

Springtime walk in Lärz

We have turned up the heating or fired up the ovens in the different home offices and in the Lärz office for the last few months and worked diligently on how we can realise the Fusion Festival 2021.

Fusion 2021 is possible

We have developed an innovative mass-PCR testing strategy for all Fusionists, artists and Crews, to make Fusion 2021 happen, despite the pandemic.

The stoner grove becomes a stoner garden

For the Fusion Festival 2020 a redesign of the stoner grove was planned. In the new stoner garden the central elements are water and fire.