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ФУЗИОН Festival 2019

The rocket launches in:

Protest works

According to Lorenz Caffier, Minister of the Interior of

  • There will be no police station on the festival site!
  • There will be no police patrols of the grounds!
  • There will be no police access without due cause!

We welcome this nod to common sense and reason. It seems that the
counter offer we made to the authorities back in November is now an
acceptable compromise. We will explain everything in much more detail as
soon as the final go-ahead for Fusion 2019 is given this coming week.

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Sold out!

Due to high demand the Fusion Festival 2019 is completely sold out since December 2018. No Ticket – No Entry.

Festival starts Wednesday

2019 the Festival will again officially start on Wednesday.  Although the open-air floors will still only ramp up from 6pm on Thursday.
The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 8am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm. That’s when you’ll be treated to an exquisite line-up.

Useful hints

From car charge to water tap. There is a forum for other questions. And the best tips for your travel to fusion festival and back.

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Supporters are motivated Fusionists who undertake voluntary tasks to support the festival.