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Wednesday start – five days of Fusion?!

Although the open-air floors will still only ramp up from 6pm on Thursday, the festival will again officially start at 6pm on Wednesday.

That’s when you’ll be treated to an exquisite line-up of concerts, theatre, circus shows, and music. There’ll be spaces for more mellow sounds, time for discussion, the chance to meet new and old friends, opportunities to chill, to barbecue, and to explore the festival site – an extensive but relaxed programme that allows everyone to gently drift into the Fusion cosmos.

However, it seems that the Wednesday start has led to some rumours that the festival doors and gates will be opened earlier this year.

This is not true!

Doors open: Wednesday 8am

The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 8am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm.

We therefore urge you in the strongest possible terms not to arrive before Wednesday. If you do, it’ll result in no small amount of annoyance and chaos and will, ultimately, just cause delays for everyone arriving on Wednesday. It will not be possible to enter the festival site on Tuesday and you won’t find any parking or camping facilities outside the festival site then either. The first shuttle buses will leave Neustrelitz at 8am on Wednesday.

We have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure that that you’ll be able to get in and out a lot easy.

For all that to work, though, it’s really important that you pay attention to the new systems that we’ve put in place. All of this will be on the website from mid-June and in the festival guide as well. When you leave the festival site, please make sure you look at the information in the guide so that everyone leaving on Sunday can get away quickly.

By Bus

Together with BASSLINER we offer you as usual several bus connections from many German and international metropolitan regions . With the BASSLINER buses you not only travel safely, stress-free and cheap, but also have a great opportunity to make new friends on the way.
From Berlin the capacity was again clearly raised in order to compensate the limited train offer. Please use the BASSLINER instead of the train, if available. Either directly from your home region or by changing in Berlin. Like this you land directly on the festival ZOB and save yourself the hustle and bustle in the overloaded trains and the stressful change in Neustrelitz.
The prices are designed so that you will usually not find a cheaper way to arrive. The prices for the trips from *Berlin and Hamburg are between EUR 12,- and EUR 20,-* and there are numerous departures on all days of the festival.
The long distance connections from more remote cities cost between EUR 20,- and EUR 60,- per route.
The principle applies to all Bassline bus bookings: the earlier you book, the cheaper the price.

All infos to all journeys as always under:

It is only possible to travel with the BASSLINER with a valid festival ticket, as in an actual ticket or a printed pdf.

with your own coach

Groups who have rented their own coach for their journey must register their journey with us and then receive a pass which entitles them to transit to their own private bus area on our ZOB.
Please fill out the registration form here.


By train

To summon it up, two absurd situations are practically forced upon us:
1) Although you pay for your train tickets, we have to pay almost 30.000 Euro from the festival ticket sales to the Deutsche Bahn (DB-Regio) to finance the special trains.
2) As if that weren't enough already, the capacity provided by the railways for travelling to and from the festival is decreasing at the same time - due to a construction site among other things.
We therefore urgently ask you:
If possible and as far as still available, use our bus trips instead of the train, either directly from your city or by changing buses in Berlin. If you absolutely want, or have to travel by train, please prioritize using the special trains.
From *Berlin* and *Brandenburg*: the *Brandenburg-Ticket* is the best choice; 5 people travel from 9.00 a.m. on all RE and IR trains of the Deutsche Bahn as well as on underground and suburban trains in Berlin, for a total of EUR 29,- (bought at the ticket vendor machine). On the weekend it is valid also before 9.00 o'clock. The *Brandenburg-Ticket is valid until Neustrelitz*, although it is already in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
You can also take the train from *Hamburg*, where the trip can start with the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Ticket or the Schleswig-Holstein-Ticket.
Please remember to use the *special trains* provided by the *German railway* to and from *Berlin*.

Here are the departure times:

Outward journey: June 26th and June 27th from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, the main station:
8:08 hrs / 10:53 hrs / 13:57 hrs / 16:53 hrs
From Gesundbrunnen about 10 minutes later.

Return journey: June 30th and July 1st from Neustrelitz:
12:39 hrs/ 15:38 hrs / 19:37 hrs
on July 1st there is an additional train at 9:35 hrs!

Please note: Experience shows that the Neustrelitz railway station can reach its limit, especially on the Sunday evening. In such case the police reserves the right to temporarily stop the shuttle service to Neustrelitz. There is an increased risk of this happening from around 6 p.m. onwards. Therefore, we advise the early departures to who absolutely wants to travel by public transport on the Sunday.
If you travel *from other corners of Germany* with train, you might also be interested in the Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket from the Deutsch Bahn.

When you arrive in Neustrelitz...

...from here it goes on with the shuttle buses as usual:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday: 8:00 - 00:00 o'clock
Saturday: if required
Monday: 10:00 - 21:00 o'clock
Price: €4,- per person and direction.
The shuttle buses are waiting for the last trains arriving in Neustrelitz from Berlin and Hamburg.
Also this year the shuttle buses in Neustrelitz depart from the south side of the station* and not on the station front square. A trip to the Fusion Festival without a valid festival ticket is not possible from Neustrelitz.
The tunnel in the train station will be blocked and you will have to walk from the station into direction Strelitzer Chaussee. From the station to the shuttle stop it is about 400 meters to walk. Please follow our signs.
On the railway line from Neustrelitz to Mirow trains of the Kleinseenbahn run every hour. From Mirow it continues immediately with the bus to the festival.
A ride without a valid festival ticket is excluded.


Between Neustrelitz and the festival there are also many taxis as an alternative to our shuttle buses. (EUR 35,- to EUR 50,- depending on negotiation skills and demand!)

By car

When coming from Hamburg or Berlin on the A24, take the A19 towards Rostock. Then take the second exit (junction 18 at Röbel) and follow the B198 towards Neustrelitz.

After the small town of Vietzen, turn right onto the Lärz airfield.

Beware: there are two speed cameras on the B198!

By bike

For this year a group of bike maniacs has gathered who want to got with their bikes from Berlin to Fusion. On Thursday 27.6. and Friday 28.6. they will leave 10am from the S-Bahn station in Oranienburg. The  distance is nealry 90km and leads through small villages, passes castles and lakes. Your luggage should be carried by friends who come with the car so you don't have to carry so many stuff. With patch kit, few snacks, water, towel and sun cream you should have the perfect luggage for this tour.  Feel free to download the map if you want to start earlier or later. There will be also signs who guide you the way.