Fusion break 2017

For many of you, probably the most upsetting part of the festival was the announcement in the programme that there will be no Fusion next year. As the observant ones among you will have noticed on their wristbands, the Fusion rocket will next blast off in 2018 from 27 June to 1 July.

We want to go over the reasons for the Fusion free year shortly again here:

Organising Fusion every year and the theatre festival at.tension every two years takes us right to the limits of our strength and endurance. After 20 years, we’re at the point where we want to dial things down. 

We want a short break – one year when we don’t have to lurch from planning one festival to the next, one year where we can have time for those things that need more thought and planning, one year when we can reflect on our project and look at how we can better organise it in future. 

We’re not yet at the point when we’re having some kind of collective burnout, but we also don’t want to run the hamster wheel until we do and fall off the wheel one by one. Those who are engaged in organising the festival full-time have been working to their limits for years now. Many of our Crew who are involved part-time, give all that they can every year, often using all their holiday days for the project and/or working right to their limits. That’s why we would just like one year when we don’t have to start planning for the next festival before we’ve even finished up with the last one, a year when we’re not always under time pressure and have the time to properly discuss all those issues that have had to remain on the backburner. In other words, one year where we can take a step back from the whole project, and sort out how we want to work together, who will do what, what we want and how we should go forward. 

A year when we have the time and space to take on major building projects, such as the demolition of the Luftschloss tent stage on the site.

This year is really all about having the freedom to take a long-term perspective so as to emerge a stronger team that can continue to put on these kinds of unique festivals long into the future. The feedback we’ve had about this decision has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve got lots of plans for the year ahead. We’re really excited about breaking with what has become a pretty entrenched routine and enjoying some space to explore new ideas. We’re already starting on the preparations for 2018 and we’ll be in touch regularly, though a bit less often than usual, with updates.