Tickets Fusion Festival 2018

If you have not registered in December 2017, there is definitely no ticket for you. Without exception!

To get a ticket to the Fusion Festival 2018, you had to register here on our website between December 1. and 14.2017. Since the amount for our tickets has been much larger than our permissible number of visitors for many years, we are raffling off the opportunity to buy one ticket from each registrant.

After December 14, the Fusion Festival is de facto sold out. Our tickets are personalized and can only be redeemed by the person listed on the ticket. The tickets can be returned until just before the festival. These canceled tickets will be raffled again to those who registered in December.

Everybody who have been registered in this period can see the results of the first raffle in their registration account from 12/19/2017 on.
If you were lucky and won a ticket you have to confirm this buying option in your account and transfer the money asap so it will be on our account latest by 01/17/2018.

A limited number plus all unpaid and cancelled tickets will be drawn out in a second raffle on 02/20/2018. If you are succesful this time you have to confirm your buying option in your account and transfer the money asap so it will be on our account latest by 03/19/2018.

The cancellation deadline for all Fusion Tickets is 06/22/2018 (incoming mail).

There is no preferred candidate option anymore!

All tickets which will be cancelled or not payed after the second raffle will be given away again by us in an additional raffle to make the process more fair.

To take part in this tombola you have to confirm this option in your registration account after being unsuccessful in the first two rounds. You can sign out by anytime. If you got drawn out you will receive an E-Mail and/or SMS and you have to confirm this ticket option within 72hours. Then you have 10 days to transfer the money to our bank account and your Fusion ticket is safe.

To Log In

Click here to log into your account

To check wether you have been successful or not in the first round of the ticket raffle please log into your registration account from 12/19/2017 11:59pm.

The second round of the ticket raffle takes place 02/20/2018.