sold out!

Due to high demand the Fusioin festival 2016 is completely sold out since December 2015. We ran several ballots to ensure that everyone had a fair chance of winning a ticket in the pre-sales. The first ballot always takes place in the December before the festival.

Ticket Account

Here you can see the status of your order or download your ticket voucher (Ticketoption) in PDF format.

Ticket Account

sunday tickets

On Sunday people start to leave the festival and there’s space for more people to come and enjoy Fusion. From 8 am on Sunday, an unlimited amount of Sunday tickets are available at the festival gates (Botschaften). There are no pre-sales for Sunday tickets. Each ticket costs EUR 35 (+ EUR 10 trash deposit).


If you have an e-ticket voucher instead of a hard paper ticket you can head to an embassy (Botschaft) and present your ID to exchange the voucher for your actual ticket.

You cannot pass your ticket onto someone else simply by writing a letter and you cannot sell your ticket on! We will not accept any letters of authorisation or transfer this year – it doesn’t matter if the person is your sister, father or BFF. If you cannot use your ticket, you can cancel it using your ticket account up until 25 June (our incoming mail) and put forward a person of your choice for the ticket (see FAQs).

Embassies (Botschaften)

At the "Botschaften" (Embassies) you have to exchange your e-ticket into an actual ticket. You pay the ticket price of EUR 120 there and then in cash – there is no option to pay using credit or debit card!

Any tickets that could not be delivered by post can be picked up at the "Botschaften". In your personal ticket account you can find the pick up confirmation for your ticket if it was undeliverable.

"Botschaften" (Embassies) will be located at each one of the three entrances to the festival site. The embassies are the shipping containers located outside the festival site near each of the entrances. Head to an embassy if you have any problems regarding your ticket, although we recommend contacting the ticketing crew to sort out any issues beforehand via tickets [at]

Ticket FAQs
Quick answers regarding tickets can be found in our FAQs.

Ticket FAQs

Most questions regarding tickets are answered in the Ticket FAQs.


Our FAQs address a lot of questions regarding ticket sales. If your question is not answered there, you’re welcome to email our


You can also call us on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8 pm on +49 30 6098 4377.