fusion festival

Far away from daily life Fusion seeks to create a wondrous parallel society. Come to Mecklenburg's vast plains to enjoy four days of unique music of all kinds, theatre, performance art, cinema, installations, interaction and communication.

Festival starts


The campaign Plus1-Refugees Welcome is asking all guests of Fusion Festival for a donation to support refugees.

Festival starts Wednesday

2016 the Festival will officially start at 6pm on Wednesday for the first time ever.  Although the opne-air floors will still only ramp up from 6pm on Thursday.
The festival gates will open on Wednesday at 6am and the line-ups and programme will not start before 6pm.

That’s when you’ll be treated to an exquisite line-up ... read more


Due to a controlled explosion of a bomb on Thursday 30.6 no trains from Berlin between 10:00 and 15:00h.

useful hints

from car charge to water tap. There is a forum for other questions. And the best tips for your travel to fusion festival and back.


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